President Trump, Kelsey Baratheon, Michael Cohen discussed on Rush Limbaugh


We'll be back. Hang on KOA. Newsradio time is ten thirty telecom. Deputies come to the door. Kelsey Baratheon say the police came out it came out of the car walked up to the ranch fence, which is a typical metal fence with a bunch of padlocks on it. And they cut the locks and each car went up to the ranch house one by one to serve search warrant. He sees Carol McKinley. Kelsey Berith was last seen on Thanksgiving Day in a custody exchange involving her fiance. Patrick crazy. The White House says today's Michael Cohen interview on ABC's. Good Morning America, much ado, about nothing you're giving credence to someone who's convicted self admitted liar, quite frankly, WTI press secretary HOGAN Gidley, President Trump's former personal lawyer told good Morning America. He never did anything during the Trump campaign without Trump himself knowing about it. He was very concerned about how this would affect the election. He directed me to make the payments. He directed me to become involved in. These matters going emphasize, the Trump was. Is aware that paying off women to stay quiet about alleged affairs ahead of the presidential election was wrong. President Trump says he never directed Cohen to break. The law reports say that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's being considered for the job of White House chief of staff to replace John Kelly. Tis the season from fake Salvation Army bell ringers to scam artists. They're trying to rip us off in a bold move criminals in several states are acting like WalMart employees to still everything from cash. Two TV's in gastonia North Carolina shoppers became the target a man pretending to be a clerk approached the couple in a store parking lot after they paid asking to check their receipt. Again. He went back into the store and tried to use the receipt to steal the same items. Real employees.

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