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To what it actually is right, and that's an it's because of that goal we are here today having this conversation right and who she has become is just fucking blows my mind. So really passionate about bringing this platform to women like her. And then the second type of person is the type of woman. Who feels very excited by this work? which is really interesting because. Often when we're excited about his work as element of Sorrento already present within the person A. they kind of know already that this is a necessary hard for them like this is their necessary hod they prepared to. Sue Get open and vulnerable, and surrendering, and do this deep deep wax. They quite inquisitive by nature and they know themselves quite deeply. If I'm really honest, they really know themselves quite well, and usually they seek to go just a little depot and it's not necessarily for the betterment of themselves. It's it's I, mean it isn't it isn't. But it's also it's also for the betterment of their lives of their world of friends they family of the kids, their relationships, right which is interesting because when we see to go deeper in selves, our lives our relationship by world at businesses I love everything improves as biproduct, right? So this talk across in generally recognizes. Recognizes themselves right. They recognized they leveling up is a gift. And it's because of who they become when they gave his work. They also recognize it as to the world as I said to these humans have dreams they have desires for themselves or even to contribute o both really in ways at 'em up often what happens with these people? The leave their job. They'll travel the world thou. They'll do these really interesting things not because of the work we do but simply because they again, they just access pot of them that that tells them the truth that tells them the truth that helps them feel the truth. and that's not to say you're going to quit your job will or inner fly around the world. We don't know how can we possibly know that the boys of these types of people just they really do inspire me to do my very best work and I laughed be clear about this because when I'm really up end inspired those who work with me, they benefit the marced united, really get more than enough for main. Barth. End Up in these really overflow. It's just so beautiful. So Even if you're not or you don't resonate with those two people, please feel free to fill out an application. I'll explain that in a moment You might not even know. How you feel you might not even know if you resonate what you, you might just have a feeling in your body and. I would encourage you to follow that I can. I can certainly help you unpack. This is for you not truly I really can. Diseases sorry much. It's nine months. It's a nine month commitment for me to work with you. I I WANNA be a sure as I possibly can be that. It's a good fit right so I don't have any intention of your money if I don't believe that we can do the web to get up. Okay. So if you're in our, if this is calling to you if you resonating with this, if these excite you the schedule if this is really really. Whatever you can't put, you can actually put a label on. It s great You can head over to www dot the holistic T. dot com dot AU forward slash he'll dash her and submit an application to scroll right to the bottom and submit an application now as I mentioned, I, only work with about ten women at a time. K. Per round. And this'll be the last round Akeso begin on November twenty, twenty I think the first of November. Twenty Twenty and. This is the loss round for this year and probably until I'm going to say. I. Don't want my heel her programs overlapping too much the current one that I've got going ends in December. So they'll be one month. Overlap cases will be the loss intake at least into June or July next year at the very least. Okay. So if it feels good. If you're here if you're listening follower follow the Yes of the S. and if you listening and it doesn't feel good in you. Darn. His isn't for your full. Just Voglio Nar Follow Urinary Trust Yourself. Will fake on that actually just very quickly if you spent your life doubting yourself perhaps you weren't are what a yes feels lack. Okay so fill out the application and I can help you right. I just want to preface that. We'll finish. NECESSARILY, preface So you need to do is go to my website fill out the application and you're done. You're done I will contact you. I will reach out to you I will I will unpack with you about. Whether or not we're a good fit and if you decide to commit to a devote yourself to the nine month, he'll her program. It's just me. It's just me. You're working with you're not going to get emails from other people you're not going to. You know I'm not going to disappear on you. I'm with you wholeheartedly one hundred percent of the way I K-. So if you resonate with.

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