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We go to the money watch games. Early gains evaporated by the end. Here's the money. What signs that a resurgence in Corona virus cases was slowing. The reopening of the economy sent stocks lower market started with solid gains before fear took over. Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 11 the S and P dropped 30. The NASDAQ tumbled 227. Another empty store in the mall. RTW Retail winds, parent of New York and company has filed for bankruptcy and make clothes It stores nearly 5000 jobs. Aaron Danger the travel industry crash may for Southwest Airlines into its first ever lay offs. CEO Gary Kelly. His passenger traffic would have to triple by year end to avoid layoffs. Employees have until Wednesday to apply for voluntary separation Middle seats will remain off limits on JetBlue through September rate long enough to cover the Labor Day holiday, extending a policy that was to end this month. Delta and Southwest also continue to block some seats. Larry Kowski Bloomberg business for KCBS It just doesn't feel like summer without an ice Cold Coca Cola in your hand, stopped by your local convenience store today and grab a 20 ounce bottle of Coca Cola or Coca Cola zero sugar.

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