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This summer air monitoring systems will be deployed to pinpoint the worst sources of pollution, and then this fall enforcement and regulatory activities will ramp up this time next year. More communities will be added to the program the funds largely come from the states cap and trade program for the California report, I'm Leslie mcclurg, we're gonna head to Lake Tahoe. Now where skiers and snowboarders are reveling in the fresh powder. The recent snowfall has left behind take it from eleven year old Alex Guthrie who just got back from the slopes issue was very good compared to years past because of climate change. There hasn't been that much snow for. The last few years, but this year was really nice. They skied for about four hours. I did not wipe out. But my dad did so Alex is clearly loving it. But the scientists have something else on their minds. They wonder does this mean California will have enough water comes spring. Here's cake, Craig Miller. It's looking more like it. When surveyors check the snowpack this morning, they're likely to find its water content. Clocking in at just about average for this point in the winter. Well average is good news given the state of things a month ago. We can really make up a lot of ground. If we just have a couple of a heavy hitting storms. Ben hatchet is a climate scientist at the desert research institute in Reno. And we sure did and it was the people rejoiced at the ski resorts, and and hopefully at the the water management and other agencies, and it appears that January kinda put us over the hump for the season with the snowpack now at about sixty percent of what they'd hope for in April. When it's typically at its peak and begins to melt, meanwhile, a cold front right behind the storm sweeping and tomorrow. Should improve the picture even more for the California report. I'm Craig Miller. Let's go to Orange County now where the only needle exchange program filing an appeal to resume operations cake, Michelle Wiley has this outside of Hart park in the city of orange workers from the now closed Orange County needle exchange program are looking for clients. They used to see it their location in the Santa Ana Civic Center, mainly to talk to people make sure they know they're not forgotten that there's someone who cares about their health. That's name with the exchange. The program which provided clean needles and lifesaving overdose reversal drugs. Like naloxone was forced to close its doors more than a year ago over complaints from the county of massive amounts of needle litter. So they got a permit from the California Department of public health to form a mobile needle exchange, but that got blocked to by a lawsuit from the county and neighboring cities now lawyers for the program are filing an appeal asking that the court reconsider its decision. Nine says part of the issue is ideological place. Like, Orange County. That is known for being a very opulent place is known for beaches and good schools and low crime if you have a needle exchange you in a way admit that. There is injection drug. Use the motion to reconsider is scheduled to be heard by a trial court judge in early March for the California report, I'm Michelle Wiley in Orange County this week, we're digging into common myths about homelessness right now counties across our state or doing what are known as point in time counts to figure out who's homeless..

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