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For every child. I did. It's not anymore. Henry Vanko two lives near Vinters Vike, who's skating club was the only one in the Netherlands to have a single short day of action on naturalized in the whole of 2020. He and his colleagues are trying to save their sport on their new rink is nearly ready. What is brand new is the insulation under the asphalt. There is no other eyes ring in the Netherlands and probably not in the world, which is On purpose insulated from below. 100 from Proia has been the driving force and it's taken a lot of thought and effort two years ago Club not far from here, measured the temperature off the soil when they had natural eyes and the competition on that naturalized. They had three centimeters of ice. But 1 M. Down in the soil, the temperature was 12 degrees. And that hate tends to go up then my son in law, he said. You should insulate it from from below. And we started researching and after three months concluded that the best way would be to insulate it by means off layer off, sell concrete as they call it so concrete with foam in it with the air in it. 5 30 in the morning. Temperature on the surface off the asphalt. Minus 1.5. Between the asphalt and the cell concrete. 0.1 Should be Must be possible to add at least Small layer of ice. That's right. Water for that ice comes from a spray system, which needs going out with a gas burner before it can be put to work propelled around the track by a battery powered vehicle that leaves a thin layer of water, which then freezes on the insulated asphalt. Less. Water needs less time to freeze. So, with a few layers done, and daybreak, not far off, it's time to check. This'll is a great moment. We did it. 1.5 million m of ice and we can skate into into track is really great ice. Six o'clock in the morning. Yes,.

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