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And now that him derive. Cbd AND OTHER AVENUES ARE FEDERALLY LEGAL. Ninety years later the government argues that it can't be put into food or supplements because it's a drug just seems like an awkward argument when you take the full history into account another argument that the FDA argues for resisting making any exceptions for CD in him derives cannabinoid in foods or supplements that there's not adequate data available to show that CBD is safe. They've argued that CBD could cause liver damage and interact with other drugs and thus it should be researched longer before it's allowed to be widely available to be consumed. The study they cite for this concern is a recent rodent study that looked at dosages that were orders of magnitude higher than the highest dosages used incomparable clinical trials for EPA dialects. I should point out that in this study dosages of fifteen milligrams per kilogram of body weight or less or not found exhibit these toxic effects and that's approximately nine hundred thirty milligrams or just round up to a gram of pure. Cbd for an average sized person. I spoke with Dr Ethan Russo about his thoughts on the idea of CBD causing liver damage. There's some concern lately too. And there's controversy of controversy over some of it but about the liver toxicity of high doses of CBD as well. Well I I think that's a blind alley it'd be truthful obviously Lower dose would be better but The liver issues mainly related to elevations of liver function tests and this is in Generally children Who are in Poly Pharmacy with a number drugs? Particularly of perk acid which is all known for being a bad actor in terms of Ltl avation arm so my strong suspicion is that's related to Poly Pharmacy Multiple Drugs rather than than a specific effect of Canal. Dial should also be noted that the World Health Organization issued a report on CD very recently attesting to CBD's remarkable safety profile at the time of this recording the future of the CBD industries very uncertain as him farmers CD product manufacturers and legislators plead their cases for changes to allow the CD industry to continue operating as it has with CBD foods dietary supplements and cosmetics readily available to consumers and now states are taking matters into their own hands just as they had to do with anything related to cannabis and they're setting their own laws for CD and now there's a patchwork of state legislation across the United States in regards to cbd any State Law protects a marijuana byproduct. That doesn't have mind altering properly inspected. Cbc products are now completely legal in the state and that's good news for farmers and companies who make those products as it essentially creates a new industry here in Ohio the crater question lingering around the FDA's involvement in the industry is whether the FDA will actually take action against these CBD companies today. They primarily seem concerned with going after companies making medical or health claims about CD but that could change in the future but the FDA is always going to go after companies making unapproved medical claims because that's in violation of the dietary supplement health and Education Act of Nineteen ninety-four which made it illegal to make such claims without FDA approval may also hear this rule referred to as DJ. Now this is why you see an FDA statement on every dietary supplement label which says something to the effect of these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease and yet we see plenty of medical claims being made about CBD products. It really seems as though the only pathway forward to booming legal. Cbd industry across the country through changes to federal law to allow an exception for CD and other hemp derived natural products. Put any law. Changes that are proposed. Should be carefully worded. Even if CD is allowed in foods and supplements if a law change does not also determine. That CD is generally recognized as safe or grass than there could be another set of problems for the CD industry to tackle food additives like plant extracts and essential oils after have grasped status to be freely added to foods or formulated into supplements until the FDA takes on the role of doing this research and granting grass status to CPA and other cabinet itself. It's going to be up to private companies to do their own extensive research to achieve. What's called self affirmed grass status which only applies to their specific products and not their competitors even if their competitors using essentially the exact same ingredients as essentially makes a playing field. Where only the most well-funded CD companies can survive long term to put this into perspective gathering all the data needed to successfully achieve self affirmed grass status can cost as much is a million dollars or more at a time when the value. Cds A commodity is rapidly shrinking along with CD product margins. This is a difficult task for small or medium sized him companies to pull off without coming together and pooling their resources so okay these Cebu products there on the market. We know people are using them. Despite you know the feedback that the FDA's given so what are people actually experiencing with CBD? Since the two thousand eighteen farm bill was passed. Cbd shops have popped up across the country and even large retail chains. Like Kroger Fred Meyer. Cvs and walgreens starting to carry CBD products additionally specialized him in CD focused wellness. Stores have made their way into neighborhoods in cities across the United States. I spoke with Wendy win. An owner of a premiere CD shop in New York City about her experience operating. Cbd's store in a sense. I think the neighborhood felt like they were on the joining with US versus versus having huge the award redone so they knew they knew all that and they embraced with open arms. You know so. That's something that we are very lucky to have so. In the end I think for Artemis we get clients who are very curious about CBD. With I saw so they want the side. You WanNa know everything or we usually get there. Were there last thought. Would they meet with? Tried everything Detroit going on pain medications. Try going all that it wanted approaching much more of a natural plant based approach and we do get some kinds are in the middle with the China ended. Were coming back for another offer that most likely issue ships at the end that we get you know. And since we've been around now for few months would get off the middle which is try their CD other stores in other for second opinion. And they're coming to US without I opened. It wasn't like that op. Ed We have people who are so supportive and like we lost. Cbd WanNa try it you can see. My mother tried it or my dog right. Yeah anything that the other end of the spectrum where they came to challenge. Which was you know what what are you guys doing the sny. Fda approved at all so we saw the breath of clients that we were getting and you know and we really honestly appreciated the support off so the criticism because helped us grow as brand. That just meant that. We had to read a lot more books. That just meant that. We had to provide a lot more educational tools in the store and we designed the store actually twice to meet those demands right before I Open. Our Education Board was limited mainly because we didn't know what we needed to say as in what was helpful for clients But we did that. Education Board up probably a month after we quit because we realize this was a need that the thing will happen. And also we designed it to have a section where there's books available and as we were developing We started really working closely with Dr Chin. Slow the education side key much more up I think. Full breath a later on at war. Spawning for clients needs and with that being said to will. We redesigned the wall. Titrate was something that people don't understand. There's something I didn't understand when I first started down now and we realize that reading milligrams chew volumes to very very confusing and a Lotta time clients. Come in like I'm taking CD and it's not working and it will go. Kay how how much you taking a whole? What does that mean France? We don't know what was the bottle we don't know so. We realized that the map is fear that there there needed to be a little bit more guidelines on on intake and all that so we designed a section of the shop to be focused tight tradition. Which is that. You know exactly what you're taking with formulation Ran You're taking. And then we started designing a little Serving guides for clients so every time when a client walks away. They're walking away with a serving guy to to to couple with whatever off a so. All of that was really feedback. We've talked all the clients interaction that we had at the beginning of arts. One question that was on my mind when I was speaking with people about cbd was what dosages are needed to actually get an effect CBD products on the market. Have potencies of anywhere from one hundred thousands of milligram per one ounce bottle of oil when I reviewed the available scientific literature found that there wasn't a lot of information. Available EPA dialects clinical trials utilized. Essages a five milligrams per kilogram of body weight up to twenty milligrams per kilogram of body weight or around three hundred ten milligrams to nearly fifteen hundred milligrams for an average sized person in two thousand nineteen. There was a review of dosages that were utilized in published. Cbd Studies and it was found that dosages below around two and a half milligrams per kilogram of body weight were largely ineffective at treating most of the conditions that were being measured except for things like sleep disorders anxiety now that would be around one hundred fifty milligrams of CBD for an average person however the research on CD dosing complicated by the fact that CBD exhibits unique efficacy when it's administered isolation versus when it's administered in the presence of other cannabinoid peens and other fighter chemistry from the cannabis plant many clinicians that. I spoke with commented that they were seeing much better results at lower dosages with broad or full spectrum. Cbd versus isolate. It was interesting when we first started out. We thought half of our patients didn't want THC.

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