Indus River, Ganges Basin, Myanmar discussed on Great Big History Podcast


And if falls apart very heavily along religious lines and you get new countries you get pakistan which has an eastern and a western part it is muslim in its majority it has the indus river and the ganges basin separated by about what two thousand miles it has india old hindu stand it has free lunka it has boot thanh it has burma though burma was maya moore was considered separate from the indian piece it's getting gains independence as well and that's buddhist country so basically with a buddhist people are so if you're hindu there or you're muslim there you're in trouble and that is currently going on today with a with genocide in burma myanmar the partition is a trauma if you were hindu in the new country pakistan you've got a problem because now you're the minority and if you're the minority you're going to be oppressed and if you're muslim in hindu stan in the new india you've got a problem because you're going to be a minority and you're going to be oppressed and then so this trauma as people try to leave if you're muslim in one section in the in the hindu section you try to get to the other section if you're hindu in pakistan you're trying to get back to india you're trying to get any now you've live there hundreds of thousands of years as a family and what the partition does is crack india into these pieces just like india has cracked before but this time you get massive refugees.

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