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Growing tensions in the Senate related to the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Trump on Capitol Hill. I'm Mitchell Miller. President Biden says he's got an emergency plan for climate change justice he does for covert. DHS warns more political violence Maybe coming coming up on the hunt? I'm J. J. Green and Oscar and Emmy winning winning actresses died. Asian markets tanking by about 2% of this, Our Wall Street had its worst day since October. Part of The reason is day traders who are raising the stock price of games stock and other week come Buddies. The Wizards are short handed, while the Maryland men tangle with Wisconsin 7 31, depending impeachment trial of former President Trump is dividing the U. S. Senate's as lawmakers also take up President Biden's initiatives and nominees more from W. T. O P. S. Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill. He said. It will come to order Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy again presiding over the Senate after his brief trip to the hospital Tuesday evening. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is pledging to move ahead on covert relief and other issues but remains upset with the 45 Republicans who supported a procedural motion calling the impeachment trial unconstitutional to vote for spurious constitutional objection to the coming impeachment trial was deeply deeply Responsible on the issue of confirming President Biden's nominees, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell asserts they're getting treated better than some of the former presidents. Did this President's by extreme nominees to keep poser receiving fair consideration and a town my process on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller W T. O P knew another chance of D. C. Statehood Take shape in the U. S. SENATE, Delaware Democrat Tom Carper has reintroduced legislation that would make D c. The 51st state. It would give residents full representation in Congress and ensure that citizen Said. Elected leaders have full authority over local affairs D c delegate Eleanor Holmes. Norton says this season two Republican or Democratic issue and that the lack of representation for residents is inconsistent with the values on which the nation was founded. President Biden supports the statehood bill. Meanwhile, Biden signing new executive orders meant to ward off the worst effects of climate change. Our plans were ambitious. We are America. We're bold or unwavering in the pursuit of jobs and innovation, science and discovery. We can do this now. The orders aimed to cut oil, gas and coal emissions and double energy production from offshore wind turbines. Mr Biden, arguing that addressing climate change would benefit the economy, and he emphasized that he has no plans to back fracking. At the same time, the White House is keeping the focus on science has it outlines next steps in the pandemic response by the administration is starting briefings with public health X Birds and the scientist will speak independently. Virus response, Team advisor Andy Slavitt joined in a virtual news conference by new CDC chief Rochelle Walensky, whose agency is projecting a stunning death toll 479,000 to 514,000 covered 19 deaths will be recorded and by February 20th 2021 up from 425,000. Now, Dr Anthony Fauci says there is reason to worry about the effect on existing vaccines. Virus variants, particularly one from South Africa. But he says adjustments can be made saga room agony. Washington 7 34, The capital ride is still fresh in our minds now. Homeland Security, issuing a bulletin warning of possible related attacks by domestic extremists in the coming months on this week's edition of the hunt with W GOP national security correspondent J. J Green Dr Hahn. Jacob Schindler at the Counter Extremism Project says this is a significant threat. You do have a clear massive violence problem from the right. You have a significant part of the population who seems to not believe that this election is legitimate and that doesn't mean they're all of them are going to be building an able and capable to exert violence. But we have seen since the election up tick off attempts by violent white supremacist groups to recruit those On and you know, disillusioned Trump and Joanna supporters. So what does that tell you? These dissolution to people being recruited by far right extremist groups? What does that say to you? In that way, I would say correctly asked the FBI already done last year and the year before that, or NT is your biggest worry in the United States remedy meaning racially or ethnically motivated terrorism? Globally. Off course, the picture is quite different. So if you look at the global's male Islamist terror groups are still on the whole farm or responsible for greater acts of violence, and there's an uptick in West Africa. There's an optic, also coming in the Afghan Pakistan border region with the political process that's going on there. There is no letting up in Southeast Asia. So in all of those hips, you know and of course, Syria and Iraq and all of those hot spots. Of course, this is Islamist terrorism, and that will stay the prevalent. Force on a global level. So here in the West domestic extremist or the problem, Europe and the United States will face an equal, if not more prevalent, right wing extremists or NT terror threat in the coming years. Dr. Hans Jacob.

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