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Obviously having vita on the defensive line last year too as well helps he's gone and they'll have to play him figure out the defensive line with a secondary is going to be a good little backdrop for them as they have a guys keith taylor tila rapid safety and then also joe joe mckim tauch a big heart hitting safety as well on was wisconsin is we're going to finish off the top ten here before we sign off for the day wisconsin their office of line always been a big thing pokers is a big office of lying guy obviously with his staff they're going to try and get some big big guys in there to replace some of the voids they've had duda duda drafting looks like this year it's going to be bobin schwartz will david edwards michael dieter to be the big guys they're going to fill in those holes they i mean well not fill in the hole beat the guys were there and had to get some guys fill all of those guys at said all americans was mixed mixed me a little bit but no wisconsin the alex broke i mean if he's going to be even serviceable next year you gotta be able to make sure he is a safe and sound back there behind lies scrimmage have miami at it's it's gonna be linebacker position obviously they hit the figure out whether they're going to do with the receiver i think is a little weak but definitely the defense that linebacker shouldn't really have at various lettuce linebackers i mean even you look at the interceptions by position next last year you think obviously secondary is going to lead that cornerback safety but they had a bunch of linebackers with some great hands and they were definitely wearing turnover chain with pride last year a bunch of guys linebacker position instruct quarter min is definitely guy to watch also michael pitney and zach macleod are two guys to look at this.

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