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This probably led me fantasy saturday having nightmares once you start fading this limit people there scratching on his wall that night scrapping on his ad body would wake up and something was strangling him and all this other stuff now he wasn't a big drink i wasn't into drugs but i thought of misfit party has changed a bit over the last couple of months but i know him he was successful businessman and all of a sudden there's a lot can turn things going faster here but i mean this is the core looking to their experience different thought talking in portuguese in latin in the area no price me now that the body of chris compels you praise compelled to heal a threestrong they had to keep british carrying because they think that trying to go after the cardinal the whole rooms filled with that static electricity sailing outlets pretty south thing felt like the minute plug the room and do andrei twenty volkspark not bowl ring gone and buildings and thoughtfully i i mean the bridgewater trial of y'all a three hundred bridgewater try it now the ox look it up but it is a youtube this funding of footage on they have the final normal brian you must know about that stuff noname like one of this but you've never heard water try i was born and bred in braintree but i don't know much about what happened to the rest of the state and all that we will tell us what is there years ago uh alice this triangle bridgewater freetown middle bahrel taunton where all this concentrated paranormal activity for panic how kim gbs it's all over national television documentary check it out what to call the guns the bridgewater triangle michelle mcgann said a story on the coast killing okay for channel five robin murphy called drew cult killings or whatever that's how i actually a lot of the other sludge lift off the bridgewater triangle dipped amid if you want the paranormal spend the night of awesome oxbow water you'll see power novel believe me one sounds grant i really tonight for i you know what i want and i don't know if we have any up here but i wanna find like an abandoned amusement park early can abandon sanitarium or jail a jail be cool and like go through it at night i think that we're actually doing it they all come on.

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