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So again it's just inevitable here but you know inevitable who was the operative word for Cleveland warning this game and they're up twenty three to three and again I'm gonna say and I'm surprised it's only a twenty point deficit and a core is Trevor Simeon out look fall has made a couple of plays and then he hasn't but you're talking about a guy who had a Cup of coffee with the tennis scene you're you're talking about a guy who couldn't make it with Miami and now he's with the jets Anna Falk were to go out the next in line to be the quarterback for the jets would be Mister bell and do you want to see some direct synapse whether Falk is in there or not and fall because the one thing about fall could that comes to mind he was born in December of ninety four which is six months after the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup and don't forget that and of course with the giants and with the the New York conjectural politicians you're thinking I'm sure hockey and basketball coming up maybe not so much basketball Lester Brooklyn nets fan Peter is calling from Staten Island Peter you're on the fan what's going on what's going on see watching the game right now and miles Garrett is a feast first of all yeah he I think he has been in the jets Hoddle and that's how often and frequent which is the same thing he's been in the jets backfield he has three sacks in the game he's twice been called for unnecessary roughness and why was he even called for lining up in the neutral zone he doesn't have to do that beach murder of the left tackle could not block him and you will. you would think how about double teaming him doing something or something right I mean and all game long he is banned miles cared is a terrific player we all know but you have to him but he can't be blocked by one on one and Beecham the left tackle is now he needs help so the by the book now I mean it's just ridiculous he of spend as much time in the huddle on board with the jets as that lay beyond battle or anyone else. art you could get to the giants real quick for men is that possible of course it's possible and is desirable go ahead and listen I'm a big old dolls and and watching him tonight just catch this land for eighty nine yards right go down the field and the giants have won bodies to told the ball to at all no I didn't agree with the trade and look you come back to that life and what eighty nine yards on the plant on hand and also I mean the sub plot that the the under card to this and thank you Peter very much for your call on being part of the program the under card was of course Odell Beckham junior versus Greg Williams because as you know a couple days ago order back in junior is calling out Greg Williams is a dirty with the bounty hunting and and could and Bob pointed the finger directly at Greg Williams for having in an exhibition game back in twenty seventeen where we were going out of town of the your way danger Odell Beckham junior which Dale Beckham figures with the ankle injury that he suffered he was a marked man and it changed the way the rest of his career was going to be going in terms of affecting other injuries that were about to happen bottom line is that so the under card in this game and then del Beckham in the first quarter with a one handed sort of like with the the Dallas so when he was with the giants the one handed grab for thirty three yards and then the eighty nine yard it were just a he out ran everybody in the jets defense Robbie is going from Lennix man's Robbie what's happening thanks for the call yes one of them no wife stadium Steve I'd rather watch the Nuremberg. game now how about do about well how about the movie was with Spencer Tracy exactly he's still alive I think the not quite sure no no no there's a song you know. after the jet I mean he was as bad I mean in outlook how my own will begin all I can say Steve well let's go Rangers how's that sound very easy now here's the thing Robbie it there were two terrific not roses all roses are missing the forty eight yard field goal but there were two four thank special team plays one and both of them were followed by immediate disaster in the Hamilton is save the touch back by diving like Michael Phelps into an Olympic full. I hear I hear was Hamilton making a quarry play diving to say the charge back and so now buffalo is taking over on the road to the bad now good idea yard right the other great play was Jones on the punt return for sixty yards and what happened after that. same thing same problem they. well no yet all of no he lie was intercepted Williams intercept yeah right exactly right after the return I know what the problem for me is that the the the giants the whole organization from top to bottom from ownership to the coaching it's just been a disaster and to me the promise. there's no plan like the Rangers holder fan Steve we have a plan and right now the Rangers are pretty exciting plan I'm excited to see Kabul. sure giants have no plan and I agree with you a hundred percent and with that you got to put you gotta start Daniel don't I want to see Gail Jones of the season of the meaning thing to me what's the point of watching you like get frustrated do you have to deal with doctor to him I'll tell you one thing that really bothers me is they should have traded the liar election about three their trade or they should have done something with we negotiate his contract is twenty five million dollars to dispense someplace else and people want to talk about Brady Tom Brady renegotiate his contract all the time of the patrons to make sure that they can sign guys when they need depth it's this graceful Steve I mean is the worst maybe not but they have an yeah but first can be Yankee Sierra seventy two so yeah brother hope you're well thanks for the times always okay Robbie and thanks for your call what else would Robbie is saying is what everyone is saying it makes common sense and sensible it's reasonable it's rational played the kid you could lose with Eli manning and you could lose without of mad least let the kid get.

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