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Was had to pay off gary matthews member they they would actually so after five years if they were to get him to walk away they would give him more to walk away than any coach is making currently right or they gonna look when you don't keep in mind it is the davis family or i'll do not pay him stiff right so we'll see how it goes yeah but i mean i think you sign a guy for ten years one hundred million dollars he's alcohols yeah you've got him for ten years one hundred million dollars gift you better hope he still thousand task in his bear the all right okay i got five facts may or may not be true about the nfl both upcoming end this past weekend's playoffs okay are you guys can all play number one yesterday jaguars beat the bills blake bortles through twenty three times for only eighty seven yards that's the first time that a team has won a playoff game with its quarterback throwing twenty plus times for less than one hundred yards i'm going to see it had to happen he just twenty attempts rate twenty attempts no i say 100 usa's false i know the numbers are right some who it's true yemen say true john is correct does four times ninety nine in some snow coal stings div mcnair did it for tennessee against buffalo phil simms did it for the giants against the vikings and boomer size and did it for cincinnati against the bills that means it's happened three times against the bills lowery of the four times in history art number two drew brees posted his seventh career passing game seventh career three hundred yard passing game in the postseason that's the fifth most trailing only tom brady peyton manning ben roethlisberger and breadth farf.

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