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And they also site of of of troubling moment eric schmitt who is then a google chief executive cited a google funded author in providing his written answers to congress to back his at his contention that the company was not a monopoly and he did not mention that google had actually paid for that paper you'll has responded with a blockposts there was very very fast at least to settle this let things thing's die in the vine saying that while look i mean you're also making us responsible for a funding from gore his asians that we contribute to in that were simply member of not just our and stuff we've also saying that wind and as a quote from the blockposts when we provide financial support we expect and require graentiz to properly disclose our funding of very very properly the organization was complaining that while these people were not with that who researchers were not including here's were our money came from to do this to do this us support um also the wall street journal it did their own after was provided a copy of this report in advance and so they did their own luxor side investigation and of data and they didn't find out that this organization was wrong but they put could create some colour to this so when in googles response when they say that we do value academic independence and integrity and we assume we assert to people that they're no strings attached that came up with a really great came up with a really great person here i am quoting the wall street journal article university of illinois law professor paul heald pitched an idea on copyrights he thought would be useful to google.

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