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And this team hold on you don't think that you saying it's an excuse we're making for them or is just i'm sang gable that they could lose i'm saying it would be any normal indictment on kevin durant this ten cannot get out of the first round we saw this team steph clay draymond iggy shaun livingston and rotate a player at center plus david west right when seventy three games we saw that team win a title flipping out steph for k d shouldn't go because that's all you'd be doing in this scenario all those guys are still there i harrison barnes is well i'm leaving him out but he was a guy that was much malaria their players are all there and you'd be flipping out steph who the general consensus i've been told his katie's better than steph that katie's the second best player not step that katie's way amazing which by the way he is i'm not discounting any of that i do katie has his good of an argument in the second best players anyone the league along with staff james arden but we can't all of a sudden i watch lebron in twenty fifteen lose his second best player right they lost kevin love they've been beat a fifty win bull's team he then doesn't really have kyrie for the third round against the hawks and they sweep a sixty win hawks team like if steps out for the playoffs right if he were to be out listening he's never cleared then it is not an indictment on k d if they don't wanna championship right if he's if steps not backing they play the rockets then i'm not going to be like okay d what do you full indictment as if losing first round would be but it is somewhat of an indictment it ain't great for him but i think the rockets are an extraordinary team that could give even the full strength words trouble so i wouldn't cross them if they lose without steph but you can't lose in the first round and by the way e can't losing a second round either you will still no matter who you play in the first and second round you will have put the best player on the court your best player for their best player golden state your second best player verse their second best player golden state.

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