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The end. Rola show. I'm grill. Neither you. We are Brian Bishop Hans Tina grad be squared gosh. So much show today. Yeah. This is our third time doing this together, right? Three times. It is. I still the two others of seemed really good people positive feedback. I still get really nervous about this. I think it has to be a colossal failure. So in order to give us any sort of boost at least give myself loose. I did where my Dolly Parton converse. Oh, I don't know if it helps anyone, but me look very white like Lyft up worn too much. I only take them out for special occasions. One was the Dalai part and premiere of dumpling, otherwise, I keep them in a lucite case. I'll have you know, to alerting not deli partner shoes, but sucks we're gifted to me by the one and only Gina grad. Are they your second favorite? Imagine the first ones are you with the big bald head? I I hope you know. I hope you know, this about me. I would never wear my own socks. Have you not one that Ono? Oh, no. Oh, that's the only where that that's goes. I would not do that. I think it's hilarious to give them out to workers available to sale to people. Listen to the show. I do. Yeah. That's fun. But are to give them to various guests come in as a pair of my socks about. I I don't know there's something that feels gauche to me, we are two very different kinds of nurses. How dare you? I also point out that I scored very low of the narcissism test do not confuse smugness with Narcisse. There's a very big difference. There's a big difference. There's a small difference, but distinct, but I think that it's two sides of the same coin you making socks with your face on them and handing them out to everyone expecting them to wear them and me who would them with my face on him. So I would wear them and want everyone to see me wearing them. I it's funny mentioned to parse split. To split hairs even farther, which would not imagine I wouldn't have got up. But I am at I do not I don't expect anyone under this roof to wear my socks. Ask for the fact that they have them is is gift in and of itself. And it's got when I was home for Christmas visiting family. I had the SOX right there. The closest pair of socks because they were just in my bag straight. And so I said, screw it. I'm gonna wear bald. Bryan, socks tonight. When out to see a movie with a friend of mine went to the patio bar. I and I always sit with my legs crossed my ankle on my knees. Your fancy Montoya. It's the opposite offense. It's the spread. Well, okay. So about rental power into the night of just sitting there. I realize that so many little ball Brian's heads just staring at me. And I'm like, okay. This weird. Now, make them better. If you're if you're not into socks or wearing things on your feet. I do have one more suggestion because those socks got opened immediately at our house and a toddler put them all the way up his arm to his armpits to be a superhero. Oh, you're wild. All he has luscious blonde hair shitting on points. Single bound. Exact amazing Dawson, remember move you. So it was the one where.

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