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Be a son. You need to talk to somebody. And i'm a big believer in therapy and online therapy can help. It's affordable it's available. It's very private better. Help is not a crisis line. It's not self help it's a professional therapy done securely online. I've talked about this a lot in my life. I am a big believer in verbalizing your problems. Not keeping it all locked inside and constantly meeting fans in fact just the other day i was leaving the largo theater and one of the fans very lovely. Young woman was telling me that she had had problems with depression. But she hears me talk about it and It it encouraged her to get some help and It's not just me. I think anyone who has a megaphone who talks about these issues is getting the word out that you can have a much better life than the one you're having now and there's no reason to suffer alone so it's all very easy. Fill out a questionnaire to help. Better help assess your needs and match you with your professional licensed therapist and then you start talking to a therapist in under forty eight hours so this can happen. Very quickly You can schedule secure and let me make that clear secure. Weekly video phone or even live chat appointments and these therapists have a broad range of expertise. And that's expertise. That may not be available to you in your area so this is we're better help can really benefit you so log into your account anytime. Send a message to your therapist. When she get going better. Help is committed to great matches. So it's easy and free to change therapists and that's very common. Not everybody finds the right therapist right away. It's more convenient and more affordable than in person. Therapy and financial aid is available. So take the step and help yourself. It's really important. Our listeners get ten percent off their first month at better help dot com slash conan. That's better h e.

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