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Of the flyers and now focused more so on him peels and some of the other cannabis awareness programs who are some of the other people that you have as speakers aside from Ron Gorski Mike Quick. Riley Co Day those types of individuals. Sure I. I had to say two of the most exciting people that I've. WORKED WITH FOR FIFTEEN YEARS, one is new to our roster It's a wonderful speaker named John Foley. He's truly one of the most sought after international keynotes speakers at he's a former solo pilot of the native angels. He says, Stanford Grad Mba International Policy Masters as well, and is really the foremost Keno motivational speakers you could ever meet. We recently. Had the opportunity to sign agem errol joke teller to our roster who we are. So thrilled to be able to work with the Arrow. Is Not only a former navy seal. He is FBI counterterrorism expert. He is a leadership and process expert who's now gone into the private sector in we have now could a program together featuring John and errol so it's right now. So to be able to bring to people what do seal Angel Having Common, you know even though they're both graduates of US Naval Academy that's really wary ends and the leadership skills that they learned in their military experience but also they're both very. Well, versed in experience in passionate about speaking of wellness. So. Again, to be able to have wellness speakers that. Have such a heavy military background. It breaks the mold of what your traditional wellness program might sound like. That's pretty awesome. So what's one of the stories from your career, your seventeen year career of engaging with these public speakers, motivational speakers both a good one and a bad one that you've experienced. Oh Gosh. You, Don I'm very lucky. There's a lot of things that appreciative unlucky of while one is if people want to be speakers in there, come from the sports, they're usually someone that is just inherently motivational They have a lot of gratitude. Appreciation. So just being able to connect with them bad makes what I do. Unbelievably, lucky Let's see what are some of the I guess. You don't recently about two years ago. I would say this is probably one of my favorite Stewart most recent favorite stories reverend herb lost in Philadelphia is the minister for the Philadelphia. Eagles and he hosts a large fundraiser each year for his nonprofit people to people and I walked into the room and I was not expecting to go to this abandoned was a last minute. Hey, you know there's which enjoy may there's a seat available? You WanNa come short. And I walked in the room. And all the sudden I ran into probably twelve of my clients from when I started Philadelphia Sports Group, and when I walked up and solvents polly who I had not seen it in a few years and he looked at me and he said you can start. And that is type of memory that I go. This is a really great job business. Why? After taking highest few years I came back to it because I've never stopped loving I do and I never stopped loving working with these clients. Think the deep. On embarrassing side was a at times not fully appreciate that when you walk into a restaurant with someone especially, if it's an active player, they have a stature, a presence that makes people take notice..

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