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It's an equal housing lender Right here the stories we're working on today there's a big. Debate about, debates among gubernatorial candidates Republican candidate Patricia Morgan tells us news. Her GOP primary rival Cranston mayor Allan Fung is afraid of the voters he's afraid that they will see that he. Is woefully unprepared to be governor funds campaign says he's agreed. To, participate in one primary debate on an area radio station greeted debate that I've agreed to continue to be out in the neighborhoods talking to. People Morgan 'cause funds refusal to take part in a televised debate before, the September twelfth. Primary cowardly funk says he's busy doing his job governor Raimondo's democratic primary opponent is calling on her to. Agree to a series of debates Matt Brown says the voters deserve to hear the candidates voice. Their ideas an, answer questions another round of, talks is being scheduled. Between Rhode Island hospital and the. United nurses and allied professions Local fifty nine thousand eight talks resumed yesterday for the first time since unionized nurses how the. Strike two weeks ago a federal. Mediator has scheduled more negotiations for August fifteenth New. York congressman. Chris Collins is promising to fight charges of insider trading the charges that have been levied against me. Are meritless and I will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. Collins pleaded, not guilty to charges related to shares of an Australian biotech. Company in a statement Collins said he lost millions when the company's multiple sclerosis drug didn't perform well in testing now. Collins stated he will not comment further on the matter as. He, mounts his defense the Trump administration is going to hit Russia with new sanctions over the poisoning of a former Russian spy with a nerve. Agent Brian shook reports the sanctions will target millions of dollars in exports. To Russia Russia's. Believed to be behind the poisoning a former spy Sergei scrip all and his daughter with a chemical A weapon. In Britain. Back in March they survived but spent weeks in the hospital the same nerve agent killed a British woman and sent a British man to the hospital in June, Brian shook, NBC. News Radio the governor of Virginia is declaring a state. Of emergency ahead of several political rallies planned in Charlottesville this weekend is the first anniversary of the white supremacist and outright rally marked by the death of counter protester had their higher the organizers of that. Rally are planning, similar protests near the White House on Sunday governor Ralph Northam says the emergency declaration helps. The, thirties prepare for possible outbursts of violence the Bank fraud and money laundering trial against. Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort we'll continue today yesterday the prosecution called on a forensic accountant after the defense and it's cross, examination of star. Witness Rick gates a California church is planning to give a. Thousand dollars to every household that lost their home in the car fire Bethel church announced on its website The money will. Go to people whose primary residences were lost in that fire that started two weeks ago NewsRadio nine, twenty and, one zero, four, seven FM sports the Red Sox world to attend to five win over the Blue Jays and Toronto. Sandra Bogart's drove in three runs JD Martinez had three hits in an RBI is Boston won its sixth straight the Red Sox. And Bluejays finished their four game series in Toronto tonight Rick Porcelli goes for win number. Fifteen the socks, are eighty one and thirty four nine games ahead of the Yankees. In the AL least Bostock's aren't Louisville this evening gametime seven o'clock. You can hear that game right here at NewsRadio nine twenty and one oh four seven, FM get news on demand twenty four, seven at, NewsRadio RI dot com now more of Rhode Island's news traffic and weather with Ron Saint Pierre on NewsRadio nine twenty and one of.

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