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Oh Hey. Mattie Foley one of the here at wonder media network the show. You are listening to right now. Let's the Will Manteca is one of my favorite creative resources. We tell so many stories of real women doing these crazy incredible things stories that are begging to be featured in illustrations comic songs, maybe some fan fiction and you can help us. Keep telling these stories by joining our new membership. Ramble over glue. Dot FM slash. We'll. there. Hey, I'm grace. Lynch I'm a producer at wonder, media network, and one of the many hands behind the scenes of Encyclopaedia Lamonica. All month we've been revisiting some of our favorite episodes from season one and today I'm honored to reintroduce. Wilma Rudolph as a sports fan myself. WILMA's story really resonated with me. I especially obsessive when it comes to the Olympics I cry at every single medal ceremony regardless of the event, or who's even on the podium for me. It's just watching. People achieve. Their dreams brings tears to my eyes. I. Mean what could be better than that. And had I been alive when Wilma won three gold medals in the nineteen sixties Olympics i. no doubt would have been an absolute mess I believe. She has one of the greatest stories of all time she went from being told that she'd never walk again. To becoming the fastest woman in the world, Wilma embodies a true champion. Needless to say I worked a whole lot while producing this episode and I couldn't be more thrilled to reintroduce you to the remarkable Wilma Rudolph this episode initially aired in April during our explorers and contenders month so without further ado. Here's Jenny Kaplan.

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