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For bit of a temperature roller coaster right now we have thirty degrees and partly cloudy skies in Boston there are no more cases of corona virus outside of China then inside since the start of the outbreak while China still has more confirmed cases than any other country the rate of infection does seem to be slowing down there Anthony Fauci America's top doctor on infectious diseases says his department is watching China and using it as a template for going through and getting out of this well looking favorably at the fact that China was coming down but we also want to look carefully to see what happens when they resume normal life new coronavirus cases hit the news industry to more CBS news employees have tested positive for covert nineteen bringing the total to six one of those employees is a voice heard for years here on WBZ newsradio correspondent Seth Doane is tested positive for corona virus after covering the crisis in Italy he is in quarantine at his home in Rome and appeared on CBS this morning I'm trying to be public in open because I think it's vital that we stop the spread of this thing it is vital that people inform people that had contact with I took it very personally psychological part for me has been worse than the than the physical part but I take it very seriously to call everybody I had contact with as difficult as it's been Seth Doane symptoms are mild and word from N. B. C. that a today show staffer has tested positive for corona virus reportedly showing mild symptoms and it's another Tuesday voting tomorrow no changes to the schedule at this point and Florida is one of four states with democratic primaries tomorrow with one South Florida county trying to show it's recovered from a recount fiasco back in twenty eighteen I'm Peter.

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