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How do they keep the amoeba from returning creature is found in nature. It's easily swept into water from rain and runoff going to have to be looking at what kind of. The system are they going to have to treat the water going forward. And then what kind of monitoring goes from this point forward? That was the big question how to monitor it? So the county commission decided to regulate the center as if it were a giant swimming pool, meaning at least yearly inspections by the health department. The last inspection. I checked the records yesterday was last July and at that inspection. There was not enough chlorine in the water more had to be added. But no inspection since then which makes you wonder if the sense of urgency by the county to keep an eye on the whitewater center has subsided after that deadly incident. But again, the family of Lawrence sites who died after getting that amoeba up her nose has settled the lawsuit. We don't know at this point anything about the settlement. That's being kept under wraps or what the whitewater center will pay the girl's family coming up on Levin minutes here after the hour here on WBZ. It's a big day in Washington when you look at all the monitors the national story, it's all about. The fact that coming up at about nine thirty this morning. There will be a press conference on the molar report being released and then after that we'll get to read it nearly two years after Robert Mueller's appointment a special counsel his report on Russian election. Interferences ready to be read by the American people still the version delivered by attorney general William bar. We'll have some material redacted to protect ongoing prosecutions intelligence sources and personal privacy of some individuals. But in a court filing prosecutors in the Roger stone case say version with fewer reductions will be made available to a select group of lawmakers. Today's public release will also be accompanied by a news conference with the attorney general and deputy AG rod Rosenstein who oversaw much of monitor's work in Washington, Jared Halpern, Fox News. And the president is expected to do a lot of tweeting once the report is made public. They haven't read it yet at the White House we understand, but we'll be reading it with the rest of us today. Seven twelve on this Thursday. Okay morning. The day before we kind of get serious about our Easter holiday. Let's check the headlines now, here's John stow. A New Jersey man was arrested Wednesday night after entering Saint Patrick's cathedral in New York City carrying two cans of gasoline lighter fluid, and butane lighters. A tour bus carrying German tourists has crashed on Portugals Madeira Island killing twenty nine people injuring twenty eight others facials the bus carrying more than fifty roll down a steep hillside after veering off the road and a church bus crashes on a Texas highway Wednesday killing one person injuring several others police or the bus swerved avoid a car pulling out from a driveway and slammed into a tree North Korea announcing its first weapons test in nearly half a year the tenths of what it calls a tactical guided weapon didn't appear to be the band mid or long range ballistic missile that could scuttle negotiations. Senator Amy kluber chard race to become the second democratic presidential candidate to hold a town hall meeting on Fox News channel Bernie Sanders was the first venture on the FOX earlier this week, Pete Buddha, ch- Janine Castro. Cory Booker, also say. They're considering going on Fox News talk seven ten ninety nine three WBZ with traffic.

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