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Isn't answering story just came across the transom him. We have a team. Charged as an adult, has pleaded not guilty to multiple felony counts. Of Vote fraud. And they say that she and her mother Hacked into a computer system. Change the vote if convicted. Emily Rose, Grover 18. Faces a maximum of sentence of 16 years in prison officials say. State attorney's office in Escambia County in Florida. Confirmed ABC News today that Grover had been charged as an adult. Spokesman for the state attorney's office says she was 17 when the defense occurred. But shortly after they picked her up, she turned 18. She and her mother And assistant principal and ex school. Schedule be arraigned in the first judicial circuit court in Pensacola, May 14th So they had to do a computer system. And they change the vote. Of a homecoming queen contest of the Florida High School. Facing 16 years in prison if they just had the 2020 election. They be facing virtually no jail time. That amazing Now on this problem that we are we're seeing in the media about Asian hate crimes out there, not Asians committing them Asians being victim of hate crimes. And of course we've been talking about this, you know? Leave it to Uncle Phil to broach the subject that nobody else wants to talk about. Why is it that we're not being told that it's black on Asian crime? And why aren't we trying to get at the root of why that's happening? So if we get to the root of why it's happening. Maybe we can figure out a way to stop it. Instead, the news media folks just don't want to tell you The entire story. So, David writes and says, your observations of black on Asian crime is the norm. Well, I don't consider Nashville a big city. This has been the norm in every big city where I work since the 19 seventies. Have some thoughts on the Y of blacks assaulting Asians, but I refrained from that. Likewise, your caller regarding Japan showed extraordinary naivete. Perhaps I just have more Asian exposure. If the collar and understood Japan better and conduct of U. S forces stationed here after World War two he would understand why TV portrays Americans as societal bad actors from a Japanese point of view. To tell the truth. American servicemen have occasionally cause unneeded hostility and other communities in Europe and elsewhere. I might add that the tendency of Asian background businessmen in America to refrain from hiring blacks And business is located in black neighborhoods probably helps increase the friction between the two communities. That said, I could understand the Asian business man's point of view, too. And I was going to say this with the guy, But, you know, I don't say this without knowing, but Perhaps they are portraying Americans as the ones committing crime because there's relatively very low crime in Japan, and it could be that the Americans are committing this proportionate amount of crime in Japan. And that would be That would be white folks. What have the Americans To be white folks, black folks, Asian folks, But if the Americans so it's a it's a cultural difference. Japan historically has not had a lot of crime, especially violent crime. So Guess when Americans come in and commit crimes. It's a shock. And so they portray that on TV because that's probably what's happening. The best I can figure Um, Frank out. This is Phil. When you mentioned the politically correct Columbus Day, I didn't hear the end between the 1st and 2nd words and I thought it was Italian Indigenous Peoples Day. Hi. I thought, What the hell do they mean? The Is that the trust Kans. What the hell are we supposed to call them? After that, you cleared it up. Never mind, Frank. Yeah, we were talking about. They're changing. This is a New York City schools. They're changing it from Columbus Day, two Italian and indigenous People Day. S o. I don't know why Italian of because that's again. It's like saying b, c e and C e, as opposed to BC and maybe for what it actually is. They're going to call it Italian, American or Italian Day. Because of Columbus, for crying out loud, but they don't wanna acknowledge Columbus. So they just called her Italian Day. Which is really stupid, isn't it? The phone's 6157379986615737. W W T and and J T You're up next. J T What's up? How you doing? I'm extra good. How about yourself? I'm all right. I thought I would Maybe give your listeners a few faxes that could use with these folks with critical race theory Number one. Word slave comes from the Slavic people of Eastern Europe who were brought to Northern Africa and more numbers than any of the slave. They were taken from Africa to North or South America combined. Number to China. In ancient times, 3000 years ago had one of the most lucrative slave trades of all time. Okay, That's fact. Number three number four or excusing. Yeah, number four. Got all this information from a black man named Thomas Soul. Yes, Smart man. Yes, And just the last thing it's the Gregorian calendar. It was made in 15 82 by Catholics. They did. It's scientifically. That's why we keep B. C e. R B C because it's a nod to the Catholics and their God for making a great calendar. Well, there you go..

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