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That what is a really good lesson and a good tip so I definitely want to. I'm going to do that myself because yeah I've spend little thing lately has been little offer me so I have to get back on there and I know it's something that accomplished before and so there's no reason why I can't do it again except that my you go or or something is just getting away and I have to just say yeah. Thank you for sharing. But can we go to the. It's not really about one other thing I wanted to ask you about. L. is one advice. Would you have for maybe eighty even someone who has a desire to spearhead a book effort like you just did. Because I'm sure you learned some lessons in this process. What uh-huh maybe she won? If you'd have for someone who who wants to as big dream about bringing you know if you WanNa right then right if I don't know how to write that's why you have people out there like myself editors proofreaders and so forth that help you. You know one of the things that I do differently need the most people that are helping people ranked books is because of my background healing and because of my intuition around energy Naples read energy and one out of your guests. Actually you mentioned. Marianne she she was one of the few when we went into her story and I listened to her. Because I've really provide that personal. I was listening listening to hackers. The first draft was not put in here matter of fact. It's nothing really like that. I can tap into that in a healing that takes place in the messages. You WanNA put out there. So we work with Hartson entrepreneurs people that have spiritual messages and it's like okay. Let's see what else is in there so that Hard My coaching in the healing back really helps bring that writer to place now that they're like oh my gosh. It takes to that next level and exciting writing so I saw somebody to face the do I really need an editor. Or yes you editor which you also need someone that's going to help you an editor that can help you really. I'm tune in China that diamond view. Yeah yeah because there's really and and just the the research I've done in working on my own book as you really need like at least two different types of editors need one. That's more to help you shape the story itself and then you need someone to handle the grammar in the punctuation stuff. Amish shaped your story story person in a week of our team. Let's do the grammar and while I may catch some of that that's not. My focus is helping you shape that story sorry to bring that aliveness to get into your soul essence in let it shine. Sometimes people are afraid to do that and they play a little smaller as Oh oh you are a brilliant radiant being and you're here for that purpose in life so why not get it out there right. Yeah absolutely yeah I still love that Marianne Williamson quote where she talks a WHO. Are you not too shy. I know I'm paraphrasing it. But that's essentially it. You're given these gifts by God and you need to get them out absolutely and we are sometimes afraid of our own greatness. That's Fisher House about so I encourage everybody you know like you said what's the one tip. Just keep writing. I have forty years of journals that I have moved with me everywhere. Throw another things out. journals in every time I'll go back to something and I'll see maybe a palmer seventeen. Data's brilliant insight on something after maybe a relationship that didn't work. Oh Wow that's going to happen you know so even if you're not putting it in a book it's helpful. It's really helpful to do. It's also a good assessing of letting your feelings in your thoughts out in healing in your life but I will throw in one tip at because this was something that I've run into today. Make she can read your writing later. I've been struggling out of going. What the heck did I say but a lot of times I will? I am writing really fact like that used to write in pencil also a lot of things like oh man. The what I've decided to do is I'm taking my journals by warning. had been typing everything. Put it together. Even if it's just rough drafts asper now yeah understand it. Yeah so I think from now on his like especially if it's something important I'll transcribe it right away. Don't don't have it sit. Is it for two weeks. Because sometimes I'll writing it's fast. And we don't have time to transcribe it. We'll have recorders on our phone. Yeah what true thinking which you'd feeling sometimes my best material. Gloria comes in the car. I know yes I've had. Somebody said to be correct. The record button go plane back when dig and then right amount the insights or grill us. Yeah yes I've definitely run into that I know. I think my book could've gotten finished a lot faster if I'd only done that to begin with but let's get your message to. Yeah yeah absolutely. Yeah well how. How can people get a hold of you if they would like help You know in in any of the different ways that you can help writing. Well I web site is actually my name. That's my personal website. Laurie Coppola C. O. P. P. AS in Paul O. L. A. Dot Com and then for the different things we're doing through powerful potential potential purpose. Which is our company? They're powerful potential purpose. Dot Com is actually where we have events coming up too so we already have a like a speaking tour and presentations lined up so in January march and April Napoli a city near somebody else out there that can be found in the publishing. Shing site is up. But it's a little different to say it's a job will be linking it all through these sites and we have great packages for new riders to so. Oh check those out. We would be happy to help you get your message out there in south someone else's problems that suffering inside in need your words of wisdom absolutely awesome awesome. Well I will have all that information in the show notes. That don't worry about that if you're listening in the car right now or something like that or you're at the gym. Wherever you listen to this? It's took you'll find it. Go to my go to I tunes and you'll go or go to my website or Iran Dot Com and you'll be able to get the information so As always before we closed it had just want to again Invite you who are listening to this to subscribe to the podcast us. Oh that way. You won't miss any of our next episodes and if you can leave us a review and a rating on itunes that would be awesome as well and the judge. You know it'll help other people find the podcast and I welcome any feedback to if you know if you have any ideas maybe some topic that you want to hear on the show Definitely let me know that as well and Yeah so until next time I encourage you to keep keep well well yes to continue to live fully love deeply and engage authentically. 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