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One who to be totally relied on having wiped out his opposition luchino took command it was a criminal revolution establishing the modern mafia in america uniting feuding gangs into a criminal impair powerful enough to thrive and outwit the authorities for decades to come for his role in making all this possible for luchino ben siegel was assured of privileged position ben siegel was tremendous asset to somebody like luchino and lucina was a tremendous asset to somebody like segal he traveled the country coordinating takeovers of local mobs and rackets the gangster life suited him to a tee for ben siegel it was all about the display it was all about the style it was all about what people thought and for the approval hungry siegel what better way to impress than with a string of high class women bugsy siegel had these baby blue is in fact he was known as baby blue eyes and he was playboy mobster he had this rough edge around him but he's also irresistible you know he he owned the room when he walked in and that's what women loved about him with siegel never really had any of the great business ideas it was usually lansky alone who dreamt up the money making schemes all that is apart from one to nineteen twenty eight he had lansky what come under the ages of on rothstein the famous jewish organized crime came and monitor maya will shine in the great gaps got to be.

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