Montana, Fargo, North Dakota discussed on Josh's Trail with Elder Dr. Levon Yuille


You get to the I seventy intersection with I fifteen you're going to start running into snow flurries. Now, the higher elevations are getting snow pretty steady right now. So far, it's just a general snow anywhere from two to four four to six inches expected around Salt Lake City, and if you're going up east on I eighty into Wyoming tonight, or if you're coming west out of Nebraska, and you haven't gotten past north Platte tonight, you're going to be into some snow now that'll start out as snow flurries. There may even be some rain and freezing rain or sleet in it. As the temperature starts to drop. But there is a winter storm warning all the way from Rawlins Wyoming to about Laremy, and certainly over to casper, Wyoming. They're going to be talking about one to two to three feet of snow. Over the next day or two with wins. There's high winds and while we're just too and up in Montana. Again, if you're going up by fifteen in Montana, you are going to find snow in higher elevations and elsewhere below five thousand feet, you might find some rain to contend with. So be advised about that. And I eighty four it looks like if there may be a rain they're going across Idaho tonight, but Montana, Scott, some patches, rain, north east and central Montana, and in the higher elevations bozeman in particular. You've got a winter storm warning around us air, you've got snow showers right now developing around you as well I in North Dakota. You got in the southeastern one third of North Dakota. You got rain actually, it's a little bit west of Fargo going towards Bismarck. You've also got scattered showers from my not down to Fargo western part of Minnesota tonight. We've got scattered showers down to Fargo as well and scattered showers and South Dakota, predominantly over towards the eastern part of the state again, Nebraska, you've got some rain out west, which is going to change and become a snow, sleet or freezing rain, and then snow, and you've got snow flurries headed in the if not already they're headed into the north Platte area along I eighty now gone down to Colorado tonight. We've got some fire threats. We got a a fire warning advisory for the south eastern part of Colorado tonight because of the winds that are blowing and the dry. Nature of the land is right there in that area. And in north eastern New Mexico, we've got eight high wind warning as well as the western part of Texas around Lubbock and Amarillo you've got some some gusty winds. They're more rain over to the east scattered in parts of south central Wisconsin. Scattered around Illinois scattered around Iowa, mostly the central part, scattered in central Missouri. Looks like Columbia might have some reindeer tonight. And then down along the Mississippi River all the way down towards Louisiana, scattered showers. You gotta go over to Indiana to find some more rain mostly in northern Indiana. And in western Ohio over around Toledo just a little bit west of Toledo looks like you get some rain there as well. Now in Florida tonight eastern, part of Florida, we do have some wins. And we'd looks like we've got some riptides over.

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