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No rather order on my phone because my forecast is like that's gonna suck for me it's going to suck for the barista the like actually that's our minds lying to us they sucks i don't know why we don't have minds that dolores accurate information loss hamblur like why who i like the analogy with visual luge like you can explain the allusion and it's interesting but you're still going to suffer the allusion once you know the explanation behind it an and once you know even the fact behind it so i'm assuming that also true for happiness stuff so how do you ward off the possibility that the students are going to be as you're describing this it's going to seem like you know an epiphany this come to jesus moment but then afterwards they're just going to go back and keep doing the same things that they were are always doing i mean this is why the course i mean everyone actually get sort of course positive psychology but most of it is not that like most the front end is positive psychology where you get the goals right but then the whole end part of the class is like all this stuff on how you nudge your behavior high use the situation to your on advantage right so part of it is like give them a sign minutes like there's a week they have to meditate right it's just part of the sinement like one out of every four students yell is doing that so there's like some social support there there's stuff and so like there's ways that you can kind of hack your situation hack your habits to do better but you.

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