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Estimates all in real time. Rocket can rocket mortgage I'm Darren Copeland on K Away and news Radio live everywhere on the I. Heart Radio up box. 31 pinpoint whether low 31 Tonight 61 tomorrow but snow showers tomorrow night and Thursday Thursday's high 36 It's 60 degrees in Denver, the U. S government is going to start sending covert 19 vaccination kids to pharmacies on February. 11th, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, says the first phase will have one million doses going to 6500 pharmacies. The number of pharmacies will increase over the next several weeks up to 40,000 pharmacies. Nationwide could provide cover 19 vaccinations. It's a critical step to provide the public with convenient, trusted places to get vaccinated in their communities, Jeff Sin says. In three weeks, the government will ramp up to ship 10.5 million doses a week across the country, Governor Pulis says. For now, 50 pharmacies in Colorado will get 5 to 10,000 vaccines from this effort. Denver Ta Beth McCann will charge two of three teens arrested in a fatal arson fire as adults. 16 year olds Kevin Boy and Gavin Seymour are facing 60 felony counts in connection with last August Fire in Green Valley Ranch. Five members of her family from Senegal were killed so much needed. Snow is heading our way. With three chances for accumulation starting tomorrow into Thursday with the totals were deeper. We could certainly use it as we're running behind by about 67 inches for the year. But at this point we'll take it couple inches Thursday, maybe an introduced Saturday and another few inches possible on Monday. Box, 31, chief meteorologist say, Fraser says the change starts tomorrow night with a rain snow mix in the evening, turning toe all snow by Thursday morning, he says roads could be slick on Thursday. Predicting that fewer people will be betting on the Super Bowl. The American Gaming Association says it's really because we're all working from home. No office pools..

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