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And compliance consulting when in reality at least some of those payments were earmarked for the firm fusion gps with the purpose of conducting opposition research on donald trump by failing to file accurate reports the dnc and hillary for america undermined the vital public information role that the reporting is intended to serve if the commission upon receiving the complaint is reason to believe that the person has committed or is about to commit a violation the commission shall make an investigation into the so uh alleged violation and in fact a what they're doing is that's that they're they're quoting law right there are that's x recording a lot in it right so there you go so you wonder what your laws immediately somebody recognised were broken federal election campaign laws for not filing accurate reports and that's just the beginning i mean potentially of this whole thing have to wonder what laws were broken and at what level i mean you have to prove it it's not it's not about what you believe or what authorities believe it's about what they can proof uh an and so really the last forty eight hours really the last week february last 48 hours unbelievable the way that has change and i'm i'm looking forward to just i i may start watching cnn and msnbc to see the kind of spend the third tempting to put on this it's almost too possible to put out the spin there'll be a because as a again when you get the clarification even cnn had to clarify a falsehood that they put out yesterday molly hemingway you know brought that up uh uh uh on because the you know the some of the things that have been said on cnn that the dossier was paid for by both parties not to her there's no evidence of that what's however um and and sowa imos the other thing that they had to all that that though part of the dossier has been verified and she goes will yep part of the dossier might have been verified which might have been like uh uh trump associates had business relationships with the un russian entrepreneurs right so that might have been verified or no but it had nothing to do with any of the salacious claims.

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