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Gabe Kaplan is in there is a girl and then Martin Landau was also in a sense a tour to force. I know, all right, but every episode ends with the person admitting all the things they did under oath on the status. And then they're proud of it. Somehow. You're right. I didn't do it. And here's why you've never had a guilty pleasure TV show, Tony Oh, sure, but I'm not gonna miss the point is what? I just go ahead and subscribers because you're limited to save $5 limit. Honestly, I just hate the ads. They annoy me, right? I feel like the being able to stream something on your device. Is your TV in the difference in the generations Now I'm impatient like that Watch Colombo. And that's why I'm prime And that's got commercials in every single break like it ran in the city about who sometimes we'll see. I don't mind it because wherever my it's reminiscent of me watching Colombo in the seventies, I don't mind at least to Lou counts it down. So you know how much is left? Peacock does that too. But there's Is about Peacock. I think. Last night I watched two episodes of murder, she wrote. One of them had to 32nd commercials in it and the other one. Some guy popped up from This is how effective it was. I don't remember what it was four bagels. Hey, thanks to such and such this episode is commercial free Rent free. That's a good That's a good strategy, actually. So what else? You have peacock. I've got sacks Have HBO Max Peacock Disney, Plus Showtime, uh, that Netflix who? Lou Amazon Prime and I feel like I'm missing one. That's eight. Plus YouTube TV. Just how watch YouTube TV paying what he has to pay. A directive doesn't who come with Disney Plus Yes. So convince me plus his Who?.

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