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The colonel scratch that he just got promoted on september twenty ninth. The brigadier general then began holding military court to try hundreds of dakota man accused of having committed quote murder and outrages upon the white settlers close quote. We're now on day three of these trials and we chunk wash to- dante or chasse k. As he's also known is up taking the place of the accused in large tent making dues a courthouse. He stands before the five-man military commission and listens to charges made against him charge murder specification in this. That said we chunk wash to- donkey a su- indian did kill. George h gleason a white citizen of the united states and has likewise committed sundry hostilities against the whites between the said eighteenth day of august eighteen sixty two and the twenty eighth day of september eighteen. Sixty two this near redwood river and at other places on the minnesota frontier chaska is terrified speaking limited english. He looks to the part white part need of interpreter or mixed blood. Use the parlance of the era for an explanation of the charges. They're just chaska expected. He's ready for this chess. Keanu reeves is prepared statement as best as he can in his second language. I imagined him reading his carefully. Written if slightly awkwardly worded statement and a stilted struggling kanaan's. I plead not guilty of murder. The other indian shot gleason and as he was falling over. I ain't my gun at him but did not fire. I have had a white woman in charge. But i could not take good care of her as a white man. Because i am an indian. I kept her with the intention of giving her up. Don't know of any other bad act since gleason was murdered. I aimed at him. Because i was told. I must kill the whites to save myself. I have been in three battles not fired at any other white man. I wanted to prevent the other indian from shooting. I presented him from killing the woman and children with gleason damn. That's a different narrative than the charge. It chasse k. Actually save rather than take lives in this war. The woman he claims to have saved. Sara wakefield is here to sworn in on a bible. She proceeds to corroborate chaska story. I was with mr gleeson when he was killed myself and two children were riding with him. There were two in the party who attacked us. The other man shot mr gleeson. This man chaska tended to the horses when the shots were fired. The horses ran and he caught them. When mr gleeson was on his agony this indian snapped his gun at him he afterwards told me it was to put him out of his misery. I saw this indian endeavour to prevent the other indian from firing at me. He raised his gun twice to do it. He said he did not go into this thing. Willingly joe reynolds knows him very well and considers him a fine man. He's a farmer indian and spells a little when we got in he took me from teepee where it was cold with my babes to one where there was a white woman since then he saved my life three times they are very poor he and his family they have had to beg rituals for me and he has given his coffee and food to my children. Gone without himself is a very generous man. Okay no contradictions. Both chaska and sarah greed that he saved her life and although raising his gun at george gleason probably for mercy shot chasse k. Didn't shoot him. It was the quote unquote other indian chasse ks brother-in-law that killed the settler. Will this version of events hold up to the last testimony let's see what angus robertson. Who was a captive of the dakota during the war has to say i heard the prisoner say before mrs wakefield that he fired the second shot he said his brother law to kill mrs wakefield and her children. He prevented it. He said his shot didn't kill gleason. This indian is a very good indian. His conduct has been uniformly good towards mrs wakefield and her children without final character. Affirming testimony everyone save the commission exits the tent. So it's five members can deliberate. They heard consistently that chaska is good man that he saved lives. Sounds like he definitely aimed his gun. At george gleason at one point whether he discharged it is murky. Even still everyone agrees. Chomsky didn't kill the settler. How the commission rule the judgment swift guilty of the specification guilty of the charge to be hanged by the neck until he is dead between september. Twenty eighth november third eighteen sixty to the five-man military commission tries three hundred ninety two dakotas. The commission flies through the cases moving through as many as forty two and twenty four hours sometimes the charges including robbery rape or murder but often they are as simple as being a dakota soldier in this war with that is the standard. The commission finds three hundred twenty three of them. Guilty condemns a staggering. Three hundred. Three will the us military really execute and mass over three hundred men while the military act of eighteen sixty requires one last approval for these death sentences that means the lives of chaska and his fellow convince the code is now rest in the hands of a single final arbiter president of the united states abraham lincoln.

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