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They had as many championships will given the age of the team and the ceiling where the parents side of Trevor Lawrence at this moment next season. We may be saying, wait a minute. We were actually living through the Clemson era and didn't realize it that is a huge kind of perception altering game last night. You gotta give Clemson all the credit in the world for where they are today. But making a projection of a where we're going to be for the next several years is a dangerous game. I think Trevor Lawrence is amazing. And both of these teams are stocked and loaded on recruiting classes at the underclassmen level. But I've heard you guys a little bit earlier today. And I know Stephen you've said this. I'm not worried about too. I'm not worried about two at all. In fact, out of that game last night. I came out more impressed with two more. I loved the way he respond. Yes. I love the way who responded to adversity. I love the way he responded after that. First pick six I loved the way to as mistakes to his faults. Come from a place of confidence not getting rattled. Great to have throwing the ball kept firing them to get back in that game. Where we'll let me come at you with this. I get where you're coming from. Because I was incredibly impressed with him. After throwing a pick six going back going at thirty two to sixty two yard touchdown pass. I get that. And I like, and I like to a lot and what I saw I guess what I'm talking about is the way and the men in which we were talking about too before last night's game game attached with such a level of invincibility and the sea. It's not about them losing. It's how they lost. It's the fact that they got beat them. It's the fact that they got beat down. It's the fact that they got you don't like you said for every. Different position. They were getting beaten you. We were talking about two or coming into the game with talking about Lawrence coming at it. Again. I think there was a lot of talk again. And again, I'm not saying that anybody, you know, deduce that launch was scrubbed. We know and Paul finebaum came on radio show months ago, saying they made the switch from Bryant to Lawrence because about beating Alabama. Right. And you knew that he gave so nobody's knocking it. It's just that the guy's a freshman. And what we did it expect to see with what we saw that. It's not about a win. But we didn't know we have no that triplets. And I agree with you about two of the real issue for two is injury concern. Not like is he going to be great. Is he going to be great at the next level? He's got that thing for surely, you could see it on them. Plus he's very accurate passer. You just you like the cut of his Jim, right? I need to everyone does the question was about Trevor Lawrence because he had everything else. He had the size in the arm and the accuracy and all that stuff. The question was did he have it? And. I was suspecting. Maybe the answer was yes. And he would lose a tough game Alabama. Maybe coming back neck beat them next year. But oh my God. As a true freshman, he decimated Alabama. Yeah. Look if he could come out, and I'm sure you guys talked about this today if he could come out next year, I have zero doubt that he would be the first overall pick in the NFL draft. He would go ahead of Dwayne Haskins or any other quarterback at the age of nineteen. But he can't. So he'll be the first overall pick and twenty twenty one and two. Instead, I suspect we the first overall pick in twenty twenty and what I'm telling you is coming out in that game last night. Not only do I have zero hesitations not only did it make me Inouye fearful the two is going to turn out to be an amazing quarterback to build your franchise around the NFL..

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