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Zero zero tie five left in the second quarter. Let's pause ten seconds for station identification. You're listening to Michigan state and Ohio State on touchdown radio. This is the home for Notre Dame w MVP A M Chicago live from the State Street studio on ESPN one thousand. These offenses are locked up. All right. It's heroes zero. It has been a struggle. Just a string a couple of first downs together. Got almost a hundred yards from the ship state thirty six Ohio State buckeyes takeover after that long. Punt first and ten from their nineteen year long. Buckeyes continue to rotate running backs between Dobbins and Weber. It's Webber's turn. Pistol formation Weber Mustafa left of Haskell with the snap. Play fake. Cops back time to throw looking for the deep ball high deep on the scene from a chlorine. It's incomplete he had just a step on lean for the past couple of yards out of his reach MacLaurin had beaten the defender lane early pass and saw it was a one on one route Dwayne has got to throw this ball more to the inside and let his receiver run through the ball. But when he throws up field. It's just too hard of a complacent. He overthrows on good point chance for a big play. Second Chen from the nineteen a little pitch left side. Peres Campbell stumbling forward now heads up across the twenty between the numbers of the hash. She's.

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