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I'm ready you sure i'm sure i don't want you blaming me saying i wasn't ready when i started okay i'm ready once i'm done i can't help you let's go ahead and get to it question number five only one the following five statements about video game movies is correct which one isn't a angelina jolie is the only actor to have appeared both in two raider in two raider the cradle of life sean bean does not dying silent hill and it sequel silent hill revelation c three actors who have appeared in the marble cinematic universe star in need for speed de terry portrays a molecular biologist and alone the dark and e the angry birds movie is the highest grossing movie based on a video game property i need your answer now three to one that's what it is it is the sean bean with sean bean i'm gonna go back over here you say sean being what does everybody say here being everybody says sean bean and what is this here the answer is b you say sean bean does not die in silent hill and its sequel silent hill revelation and let's see what that answer is and got dammit even if you had to chose one of us got it oh you know is the moment where i sit back and i usually laugh because i had to spend no money but you have defeated me this week rootless wonder i have to pay you and you'll be getting amazon gift card coming to you very soon for your victory here but nice very nice man how did you know this did you know this fingers just that fast with google or did you really now this are admitting this but i have seen both of those movies so under he didn't die.

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