Michael Jordan, $26 Million, November 14Th discussed on Power 106 Programming


I'm a need a person who has not yet claimed their lottery winnings alarm. Arata, please report yourself to the Under the counter because your order is up. It's time for Kenny's Take Come on, moving the losing baby over to possess serving a bells on the daily special, But today is hot else. Over one billion ales served on the daily. That's evident that 1000 back so apparently there's this winning lottery ticket that was so last year in La Mirada. It has gone unclaimed and you're probably thinking to yourself if it went unclaimed, then it's probably not worth much. Well, Yeah, see, because the unclaimed ticket is worth $26 million. Apparently, some bozo dude and yeah, I'm assuming it's a guy because men we do stupid things I he walked into an Arco on November 14th, located on Imperial Highway. Have bought the winning numbers and has yet to return to get his money. Well, if you're the genius I'm talking about. You have two days to clean your money before you lose it, And it goes as a donation to California public schools. I mean, I love being charitable, but you don't want Michael Jordan said, Man, Forget them kids. All right. How do you lose a ticket worth $26 million Would flip my house upside.

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