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Or go to paul pat a law dot com i mean he's got i wonder his ridiculous jennifer other the okay we play sammy sosa just so you know tony idea more and more admiration for hockey players the beard every day good because it was like there's so much so they don't even know what injuries are they're guy can lose in eyeball when i'm just but again are these players out for wheeler's it's because he's almost dead yeah like death as long as the yeah it in on something little like a and now so i just worked the it's crash i've you see all the time the best goal players they have to face it their players to get them rest but then you have yeah we're jaeger who is like forty five and like dollars you slaying every on you player's name wrong i'm on this louder your murray yarder younger between the two year i don't know what a lot of dumb good now today i don't get it turner pass on the december to me you have surgery zero of those going so let's talk about some hockey all right we'll talk about some let's talk about so i called before us ever drafted that the legend of connor mcdavid was mcdavid thing tony adjusted doesn't minute on the radio that i told you the legend connor mcdavid was starting the day of the he's a good player kane now is he sad action cowboys the alexander ovechkin no better than all players he's more points than all of them call when one season excuse me and only has season ol only i think is a little too early to corey nieto yeah really i'm corning i'm now than porn adams in saves the around and there was this kid and not in the air road anyone me not taylor hall a night you know.

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