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But they have options, which is actually good for them for the first time in a long time. What if Nicholas Latifi, because we want to, I would like him to stay in Formula One. And I like him. It's like a man. What if he became a team principal? Where? Did I say somewhere? And now pain? Maybe alpha and I like for investors going to say, but they're going to change ownership maybe Audi wants Canadian team owner. Maybe. Maybe he could feel he could still fit in to the Aston Martin structure because of the Canadian link because they've got Mike crack. I can't really see the teams but I can't remember. I think he's the team principal. They've also got Martin whitmarsh, so they are a team that likes having team principals. Yes. So they could slot another one in there. Could be a three, a multi modal situation. Because let's be honest, Fernando Alonso is his own team, so maybe we need a Fernando Alonso team principal. Fernando Alonso. It could just do it. Now I'm the same principal, and that's what I'll be doing. Mechanic. What are you doing? I can change my own tires. Thank you very much. Let's put that petroleum distillation in the back and I was gone. But we have done this option. You're right. And they really interesting options, I think, as well. Because one and I'm not convinced about it because I don't feel like there's enough heat around this. But these Nick devries who did the free practice session in Spain, he's like 47 years old, doesn't they? It's not that much. It's 20 something. He's not. He's not at all. I'm saying he's experienced. And he was a Mercedes junior Mercedes is also the odd thing. It's the old patty low claws, where Mercedes didn't fight that much for patty lo and turn out there was a reason for it. They're not really fighting that hard for Nick de vries either, although obviously they don't have any seats to give him. So I guess there's nothing that can fight for him for. But he said it's out of his hands now he's not only can do, you know, he's talked to Williams obviously the free test thing. They have talked highly about him, but the other one, which I think is really interesting. And it's a little bit under the radar until recently. He's a Logan sergeant. I think he I don't think he's any more. He has a pinged in about 9 minutes, but he is on the I would argue still. Very much on the radar. He's obviously on the books as well. He's going okay. You want to know someone who's off the radar? Yes. Stocks down for Pascal ver line. Who's just going on the attacking roost, just calling him a quote unquote, effing idiot. And hoping that he doesn't want to get to F one. He's gone full opposition leader on Nick de vries. There's no love loss between those two for some bizarre reason. I mean, forget about toda, wolf needing to be worried about George Russell and Lewis Hamilton's work in relationship bloody reserve drivers who market around and formula a that you need to worry about in photo. So yeah, but I don't know about. It's funny. Formula E is never, it's never the step stepping stone to F one. Just to step off. To be honest, it's kind of done with it. You look at your stuff, your genre Eric vernes of the world, and yes, the first mean, it's great that he's a world champion at that level, but it's never never in contention of ever going to Formula One because of formula E unfortunately, but yeah, so I just don't buy into the I say I'm shortening to raise very capable driver, but there's so many other drivers up in the pipeline that you would that I would if you had a fantasy F one team. Yes, I said, I'm not putting very thanks for application. Fortunately, we haven't had to go in a different direction. That would be at the rob James F one time. It's very polite. Points for that. Maybe he can be a team principle as well. I will be interesting to see who will be the first if there is in fact ever will be. A driver that goes from formula E to Formula One. Because it might happen one day, but I'm inclined to be not convinced. It would be like, it's like you're not at the stage where it's super formula option. So I remember that weird season where PA gasly had to have that. He's spelling in Japan. And then go parachuted into F one and then so we had him on. But. That's it. He could have done that. I remember that. We did Liam Lawson did DTM on top of F two. And you didn't win it? Nearly as the DTM champion. He said he blasted the driving standards in ironically. So, but nonetheless, yeah. Weird F one drivers sideways ever sort of holding patterns unusual. So do you segment next week? Yes. Over at Alfa Romeo, there's a seat as well. It's Joe gwyn used seat. Now, well, this is, I'm interested. So he says he's very relaxed, right? It's very comfortable. Yeah, and that's good, but lots of drivers say that. And then they get back. There was a lot of talk when he rocked up to use there for the money. Not him not him, obviously, no driver. Yes. The other way right out. The team's here for the money for the Chinese sponsors. But also Fred Vassar said recently, they've only got two, and one of them they got before jug one year rolled up. They hadn't tracked that many. And also Formula One. It's that thing where it's Formula One's booming at the moment anyway. Where it's heck, can you how much can you separate either way? And you've also got the prospect, the Chinese Grand Prix might never come back because no one's allowed in China at the moment. And then you want the third thing, which is that Alfa Romeo love, Tao Porter, Fred Vassar really likes him. And he's only 30 20.21 points behind Philippe a drugovich in the F two championship. Now if he wins it, he can't. He's got Oscar piastre situation. He wins if he can't go back. It's a good F one. Or he needs to make coffee in the back room for a year. Yeah. We'll go to Super Bowl car. Which no one seems to do anymore. I don't know why it's got out of Vogue. No. 'cause you can't go to Japan by maybe. But that's potentially if I were joke on you. Unless I knew something that I don't, which drogon you probably does because he's him and he knows what he can use contract. But that's, I think that's potentially like, he's not a very good job, and he deserves to stay. But also, they've got this hot young gun who, if he wins it, we'll joke when you didn't win F two. It's a bit of a wild card saying that one. Here we go. So it's kicked in.

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