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You guys own a host of later with Leon Leon Rogers on under the hood he'll never forgive part Leon and I were very aware of what was going on with our Kelly early in his life I remember this as and I'm a class of ninety sar member this as a so yes arm so in eighty nine ninety I heard stop and then when I start working at Casey you always heard Hey you know just what you know R. Kelly's pulled up in his blazer right after chilli queue in front in front of us Kenwood academy so you can see this you really need to watch this but you seem artist right what what stands out listen because I don't know the lot of this is not surprised I did not have I watched a little bit documentary I didn't have to like this is common knowledge only thing probably some new stuff is that some of these new girls that he has but here's my thing and I got into some debates with a couple of friends of mine and I said are they was like well I'm not defending our Kelly but once you say that I have not us in the man is in his fifties dating teens but there's nothing listen I have three teenage daughters in nineteen fourteen and one a six I told my but as I said if any one of you all came to my home to pick them up I would kill you flat out yes No all bets are off I'm in your house out in I said there's something wrong with him yes he has issues stemming from childhood or whatever before you ought to sit up here said well you know the sixteen year olds know what they're doing and that's probably true because kids and teens will scheme to get whatever they want but you as a grown man have the ability to shut that down okay how fat she is I don't care if she don't look like she's sixteen at the end of the day you talk to a long enough you will vet the process that you will come upon something that she has no idea and this is true for for me because if you're in your thirties and I start talking to you about something world events kind you don't know about it I don't want to talk to you right right that's all the mint mentality has to be but it's easy it's like Fishin in a pond look at this I can offer take if that is what I can offer gym shoes here yeah I'm a god only you know and and and it's a promise always been like that so when would people with the whole outrage of the documentary I feel like that was for people outside of Chicago because I feel like if you were here in the entertainment industry in Chicago no man knew about until about it all the time you know about out of time it was Nash it was nationwide news when he beat the trial so somebody listening to our show right now it was none of the hood Leon Rogers studio with us somebody's listening say well why didn't you say so the well here here's the thing you hear a lot of stuff I mean I'm I'm without the side so I I so I'm group what twenty minutes from can would you heard stuff when I was working doing radio okay Casey you heard things you didn't know the names but you knew that this dude is grown **** man had his blazer with the ticket windows in front of a high school and the police even outside of school in doing because it's like well he's going to try to get one of these young ladies a big break he know you exist at all he's a star right they didn't know he was Fishin for able to put in a stable to control their minds and raise them up to he wants to be so if you catch them at fifteen sixteen and you in bed this and a lot of time the seventeen eighteen they really believe that you're looking out for them you know the a Leo story this thing is yeah yeah the same thing the same thing people are getting mad at our Kelly for right now but they idolize but should die one will write a shot of the Dow wanna shut up means to see more on them but that's what it is and I'm a finance some poor misguided soul who's mentally I know my level and I'm a truck that struck and they don't walk whoa and I benefit from it were to get out not the story of a leader use it more heartbreaking because we knew I mean shame on our parents similar appearance but but we knew that she was fifteen against me he was twenty nine right but let's say they forged documents they with eighteen but to thirteen and that's crazy yeah you know so so listen my wife is seven years younger than me I mean we got I met her I was twenty six she was nineteen is there was I tell everybody she was living with a moment of that all right so you know I'm saying like you you're still under my roof I'm still doing for you your child you were a child and people can say whatever they want to buy these young girls this younger that as a man issue a responsibility to stop yes and I don't think so not a problem in the African American community right now a lot of our men I'm not around so these things happen even where rock even when I tell you I feel like if they were positive males in his life they would have got him help earlier for whatever he's went through because it's obvious that man is went from something I'm not condoning his behavior but he's been through something something has happened to him where you grew up feeling like this is okay I can do this I don't see what's wrong with it remember remember the interview he did what to write on ABC when he goes well what do you mean by when you say Tina right what do you what I mean right see scenes you no worries yeah but really do at the end of the day to do a musical genius absolutely no question I mean we grew up on his music yes you could you could literally say he's our generation's Marvin Gaye but without a problem but with all the stuff coming out it kind of makes when the inspiration for the songs weren't even able to get into Arlington park race track without a a guy parent that kind of makes it tough so really long form conversation that's in the archives of into the podcast with Leon Rogers not talk not R. Kelly because that documentary came out we talked about it we had a terrific twenty nineteen and we thank you all year for listening and be part of our program here on ESPN one thousand thanks you for listening thanks to my staff Tyler Shawn Eric Felix check out the feelings as well on the other side of the glass our team here and under the hood which on the telly Carter doc Walker you're consuming on rice in principle Qamar Jesse and Brian Hanley the brown Candace Parker Tim Anderson Dumpty Pongo the late check topic Kelly car all part of this bad stuff go to the archives check out this podcast under the hood which are the hope that you have a great holiday in a great new year and I will talk to you again at twenty twenty four under the hood with Jonathan her.

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