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This. Would not have happened on Fox. Just not So like half of. People of color like that just true But like the most we are discussed race was like jokes about Lucifer deal being brothers because we just ignore that like adoption happen if we think they're humans you know. We just. A question about it's not really an issue adoption or like being stepbrothers. It's not it's really not that hard to. Yeah. So we're addressing year. On we are addressing a rally, we are addressing. It's not even like so or overt because like when a mini deal approaches Dan and he's like Oh this is about the culver skin and Dan Latino cop on the LAPD The way one hundred says, how dare you that basically says everything you need to know like? Come on it's. Like. The police aspects of is small but I think is very affecting. It isn't necessarily honestly for took a long time ago but you know again wasn't gonNA happen on Fox. Continue with the fact that he is a black man you know he's an angel, but also he looks like Devi Woodside. Yes. He he's a large black man and it's just he's about to have a black tunnel black sun on Earth in America, this is something he is going to need to be made aware about because it just. It would be you're responsible for the show to ignore it. Honestly. Is I think and I know is very quick and you'll have two more episodes left in the season honestly I would have loved to have like. killed maybe at least we like to episodes so we can get more bonding but I do like what we have here I think is really great. He watched the looking for Alaska mini. Series on Hulu last year but it was very, very good and like. Really, spoke to my like early two. Thousand T- drama loving heart. So yeah, it was very, very good. He was great arm Antoine Tanner here gigs are. Really, work to where I'm like. Damn skills you just freaking out So I think it's it's very condensed I wish there could have been more but I think for what we get from it works very, very well, and again like album saying. It shouldn't work in this episode like none of this upstart should work is totally but it does somehow You know what I appreciate it is. While it was still like a little punches pulled but just a little as opposed to you're right where it just wouldn't exist on Fox I feel like they address this, they address systemic racism and white supremacy in a couple of different places throughout the episode and you're right that all hunters laundry line reading of how dare you does the work of four scenes put together right? Like there's like he it's so good. There's like self loathing and there and he obviously doesn't believe it. It's clearly a lot in the performance of outrage just like I am very good line reading also it's sad but true when was like so what will happen every report them like? Probably nothing totally and then. When right at the beginning when we're digging into the case of the week when that girl says like, Oh, well, you know she's good at talking troubled students before they cut I knew it was going to be a black student. and then that's like we joke a lot about how easy it is to. Predict who the killer is going to be on. Lucifer. But in this case, I was like Oh this kid is getting framed. That's absolutely what's happening this rich white girl is one hundred percent framing this black kid. That's definitely what's happening here. And they didn't shy away from that right? They don't hide the they don't try to address the fact that these children of privilege are in trouble and the very first thing they do is they try to pin it on one of their black peers and which i. it's just like again. I just I'M GONNA need to turn back to the, but it's just really distressing really well handled and after. So after all of these seasons of you know dust in the wind. It was really bracing and confusing, but in a good way to watch the show address this point and address the issue of racism, not just once in this episode, but in several different areas. And I also like I is with this episode the Bar is now a sign of goodness as opposed to lassie's of yeah. It's the barker has also occasionally just been. Wow, that was really intense but you weren't around for avatars you wouldn't know that I i. basically drank my way through Avatar the last vendor that's. As you put Nolan I but Nolan I did both drink gin just Jin on several cases so Yeah. Anyway, Burkhart yes, bar can be good. This is a this is good show bad world. Yeah. Because the first time it's been good for Lucifer though Mubarak Art. Yes probably. I agree with everything. Else. Montoya said and I think that one of the things that it does really efficiently and really effectively is that it gives credence to both. Amenity a one point zero as well as everything that he was discussing with them rummy. And kind of crystallizes a lot of that discussion I. Still think that the scenes that we get with Amanda Dillon Romy in the two preceding episodes end up being really circular to really repetitive but this is a gut punch to those..

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