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To stop price gouging during the pandemic. Let's get this straight. Now. Nobody's saying price gouging is good. But researchers at Weaver State in Utah Say that laws against price gouging may have contributed to some of the shortages we saw. During the early days of the pandemic economics professor Gavin Roberts looked into the searches on Google for things like hand sanitizer and toilet paper. In states that have discouraging regulation. We see a higher volume of searches relative to states that do not have that regulation. He says that by keeping prices from going up, more people were encouraged to hoard leading to shortages. And he uses the analogy of a hurricane in Louisiana to show how a lack of price gouging laws can actually help control shortages. More people would be trying to supply gas. She will Louisiana Because they can make more money because it's a higher price. At the same time. If you have a higher gas price, people will try to consume less cats. Now, before you start ringing his phone off the hook, Robert says he's not calling for the repeal of price gouging laws. He's just saying lawmakers need to consider the keeping prices artificially low can have unintended consequences. China says it's ready for more global economic cooperation At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. China's President Xi Jinping says that cooperation is necessary to get the world economy back on track and battle The pandemic. Calls for cooperation may be welcome. But the new administration in Washington says the relationship between the U. S. And China is a serious competition Stock futures point to a positive day to start to the trading today, anyway. We've got housing data coming in today that could help move the market needle. Sometimes a little trouble with somebody's hearing can be a good thing. In Bono, Arkansas, Kerry Middlebrook went to the store and ask for several of the cheap lottery tickets. The clerk thought she said she wanted 1 $20 ticket, So that's what she got, Middlebrook said. I'll just keep this one turned out to be a million dollar winner. Maybe she could use some of the money to buy the clerk. Nice hearing aid. Next money update Coming up with 6 12. Pat wondered Kono radio. Buy him something for sure. Thanks. Pat 5 44 on Colorado's Morning news. Let's head out to be case Sports desk as we talk about a.

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