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Keep going. That was the last 5. After that, it's Brandon Halsey, Jake, young. A lot of people without fucking pages. Right. But yet, because we've all been convinced of this. But those last 5 ain't cab drivers. And we know them. Hey, hey, I'm just saying. We've seen a small sample size. We haven't really seen Yuri get tested, but here he gets hit. Glover has dynamite in his left hand. Now, let me go, let me run down the list of who Glover's fought. Y'all but COVID, Thiago Santos, Anthony Smith, Nikita krylov. Karl rove said he lost a coriander. He had this up in ups and downs. But let's look at all the people that he's fought. Oh, Vincent Peru, Rashad Evans, your friend Patrick Cummins, Ryan Bader, rampage, Fabio Maldonado, I'll tell you this. There is nothing that Yuri is going to do in there, and when I looked at this list, that Glover has never seen before. He's not fighting somebody that he's just like, I ain't never seen that shit before. He's seen it. What year he's got to deal with is something that he had, I think, and I said because remember when they booked the yawning globe or if I said the same thing I'm picking, yeah, I thought about it. I was like, nah. We keep sleeping on globe. We got to keep this quick disrespecting this old man. Now granted, he can get old tomorrow morning. And it's over. He gets blown up. But the one thing that Glover has shown us over, especially if you go look back, Jan Thiago and Anthony, they all clipped them. And he just comes back and he does just engage his thing. But the thing is, is that he takes them down, that's what year he hasn't had to deal with. They don't even try. I think Dominic rays took him down pretty fucking easily. But Glover is, he's more top heavy than anybody that Yuri poska is fought. As long, there's only two ways this happens. Yuri needs to win is 7 and a half minutes. If he doesn't, he's fucked, he has 7 and a half minutes to win this fight. He ain't winning this fight if he gets into the third round because that means Glover is winning if the fight gets that deep. Yeah, I mean, that's a deep ask. Going 5, I'm not going to say that I've seen him be capable of going 5, right? Again, he's knocked out ten straight people. That's fine. So I haven't seen him have to go deep. I haven't. But I don't think he'll need him. All right. Again, I'm saying old man Glover. I'm picking old man global. Like, I had to really, like I really sat down and thought about this. And I was just like, man, what was a two to one underdog? Glover is, yeah, he's 42, but he's super OG. The power doesn't go. If he buzzes, here's the other thing. You're in for high school. Go watch his go watch both his UFC fights. Watch what happens when he misses and how wide open he leaves himself. If Glover is good at one thing, it's counterpoints. And he knows when to punch in between somebody's spots. There's a lot of things Glover does well that he could take full advantage of as long as he doesn't get clipped in the look, he's a fucking samurai, a savage. Like he could do anything to anybody in the first 5 to 7 and a half minutes of the fight. But if Glover hasn't figured out, it's going to be in still. That season and you can't deny it, you can't have the season to go with the chera. You make a good case. I think he gets a right. I said it the day he won the title. I agreed with you. I agree with you until I watch those fights again. And I was like, man, there's a lot of shit here. I was like, there's just a lot. He throws wild. Urethra is really wild. And Glover should be defensively responsible enough to stop some of that shit. The only thing that really, I think will prevent him from winning this fight. If he's old, like he is old, but I'm saying evil? Yeah, but so I'm just saying if his body reacts like an old man and he's like the chin is just not there because the chin has been there. So it's like and he gets up. You can't convince me like Yuri's been great, but I don't know if he hits harder than Thiago Santos. How about that? So we'll hit hard as hell. Yes, Thiago sends people to the nether realm. And you have picked against Glover. I want to say three straight times. This makes sense. I am going to say 5 straight times. I think you might even be underestimating. You just ran down like his recent fights. I'm pretty sure I picked against him every single one of those fights. Every single one of those fights, he won by a finish. Every single one of them. He did. I still can't believe he won the title. I can. So I told you what's going to happen? Doug, not only did I tell you what's going to happen, I called Howard was going to happen. I told you he was going to choke up, yon. I just ridiculous. I was like, yo, the man just beats style bender. He's not losing. Yeah. I told you. 42 year old. Global to share is different. And when you fought everybody.

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