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Wait, Wanting where Bill Elliott is commander of the Sons of Confederate veterans and Marshall and a former constable. He meets me in the city cemetery, where Confederate flags flutter over dozens of graves of fallen soldiers. Statue. Opponents have proposed that the cemetery is the logical place to relocate the monument. Elliot sounds resigned where the fowl were southern gentleman. Let's talk this out if it's got to be moved. We're for working with everybody. We just want to be done right and proper. We wanted to go somewhere. That's going to be safe. We wanted somewhere, so people come to see it. But if the county decides to move the statue and the State Historical Commission, which has the final, say, approves, will that really change anything? There are skeptics, even in the black community. I caught up with Kendrick, Brazil, the owner of the Soul Palace restaurant, and Marshall as he was rushing out plates of fried catfish hush puppies for curbside customers. Well, you don't really mean that if you come down, but if you come down and mean People don't change. I'm waiting. But other than that, Just a statue. To Brazil. The removal of the Confederate statue is on Ly a symbolic act unless it's followed up with the real work of improving race relations in his city. John Burnett. NPR NEWS MARSHALL, Texas This is NPR news. Staying at home. You may have been taking some personal inventory finding sports equipment that's permanently out of season genes from two kids ago or maybe even a car, But you don't really need.

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