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When you look at it though you see around the edges that some information can poke through with your initial remote viewing. And he says, all he got was this tank track, the color grain, a diesel exhaust smell, and a sense of flags or nationalism. It's like, this is kind of strange. And he later on found out because at first he had no comprehension as to what this was. And to sense nationalism was just all, you know, it's almost like this synesthesia that comes through. It's like it can be represented as a color or it was a form, but it's an idea. And he said that what it was is that the task he was given was that of the Tiananmen Square. So what he was viewing was the Tiananmen Square tragedy. Something quite horrible. So later on hands up working with prudence calibrates who is known as Peru and she worked with the far side institute. And she eventually was, I think she broke off her relationship with the far side institute because there was some controversy about I think it was the how bob comet. I can't recall the top of my head, but I think at some point the help bob comet was being remote viewed by the far site institute. And when it was being remote feud, I think they said there was something in the comment trail. And of course, we know that all the terrible things that happen surrounding that. So obviously it created this bad press. Whoops. I don't think that was directly linked to it. But it was enough that it created this bad image. I brood the Kool-Aid. Possibly. Yeah, so Bruce fascinating as well is that she's had a lot of experiences with strange groups. She claims that there's a small gray alien that she became known to call the gray dude and he was sharp and her bathroom at 2 o'clock in the morning. Maybe not true again. Peru is prudence calibrates who was with the far side of T'Challa. But she and she ends up working with John. She teams up with John. The reason why she teams up with John. Because she was mentioned in the dead cowboy experience. Cowboy wanted to get into her body. Yeah, she's integral to the work that's happened with John over the years. Because she ultimately runs these sessions, these remote viewing training sessions. And yeah, as I said, she's had this gray alien that was sharp and her bathroom at 2 o'clock every morning. And she said apparently she would be hypnotically pulled from her sleep to receive these mental messages from this great that show up in a bathroom. Okay. And funnily enough, because the thing is, later on, essentially when they're doing their remote viewing, they actually come to the attention of the media. And when that came to the attention of the media, I can understand why John became quite apprehensive because they were talking about their counter terrorism remote viewing. And this was getting very popular. I think CBS or another major news outlet was hovering among other British sources that were covering them as well. And John says that even Al-Qaeda was talking about them. And I'll call you, it was basically saying that they are of the gin and that they're evil..

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