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Ten oh three I'm Gerry Hotchkiss on newsradio ten eighty K. R. LD American Airlines is now suspending all flights to and from China because of the corona virus outbreak care oldies Andrew Greenstein says the flights are suspended through March twenty seven it comes after the state department increased the China travel advisory to a level four or do not travel Billy son as with go flying more dot com says while the move was done out of the safety of the flying public it will have a profound impact on business in North Texas and around the world it's going to affect them because it's not only restraining transportation but also the other part is it's restraining cargo flights just yesterday the allied pilots association sued the fort worth based airline asking that the airline be forced to hold service to China where the corona viruses killed one hundred and seventy and sickened more than seventy seven hundred Andrew Greenstein newsradio ten eighty K. R. LD you know it's one of the fastest growing communities in North Texas and now the challenges how this community is going to handle that growth care oldies Austin York has more for us the population of McKinney has increased more than two hundred fifty nine percent during the last twenty years sitting at over a hundred ninety five thousand today McKinney city manager Paul Grimes says the increase has been amazing this year run paste issue fifteen the seventeen hundred residential housing minutes which is remarkable in its own right just a couple years ago we did about twenty five hundred I mean that's it's really incredible four percent growth year after year after year this is the key to handling this rapid growth while preserving the city's unique character is to work with creative an enthusiastic developers share the community's goals by twenty forty McKinney's population is expected to grow by another one hundred thousand residents to roughly two hundred eighty four thousand according to estimates Austin York news radio ten eighty carefully the traffic and weather center couple actions to report right now he's phone nine thirty just before you get to Beckley an accident just reporting so use caution if you're approaching there also northbound highway sixty seven a case that's been there for a while you'll probably minimize any delays you encounter if you'll stay to the right approach in that area also if you're in grapevine state highway one twenty one on most of that is shut down at international parkway at bass pro drive and then highway twenty four ninety nine look for the sign age and be prepared for delays in that area Carol the weather center mostly clear tonight with a low somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty six degrees later on tomorrow sunny high.

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