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The magical world series season of twenty twelve and the giants found themselves on four twenty twelve in new york city they were taking on the new york mets at citi field and we got extra thinks we're picking it up in the tenth tied three two three game frank francisco pitching for the mets and he walked that member of the two thousand twelve giants who wasn't around when the season ended milky cabrera pablo sandoval struck out but cabrera stole second then gregor blanco flew out to center the mets then intentionally walked nature holtz it didn't want any part of them they wanted instead to face the young catcher hector sanchez bulky cabrera the lead runner at second sure holds at first the pitch here is why dr based editors centerfield coming around third cabrera the ball bobbled in center by cabrera scores the throw to third dotted time sanchez take second on that throw so they walked sure hopes intentionally and the rookie catcher comes through hector sanchez with an rbi base it up the middle puts the giants ahead four to three fund moment for the young kid hector sanchez the giants would get the win sergio romo started the tenth but gave way to clay hensley who retired all three batters face to get his first save of the season giants win four to three on april twenty two thousand twelve hey before we go april twentieth nineteen ninetyone it was a fun little note giant's history that they had a pitcher named bud black and a catcher named steve decker and that meant the battery was black and decker and the giants won four to nothing over the houston astros buddy black the current manager of the rockies through a five hitter five strikeouts it was the first of thirty four wins that he would have a giant for four years and steam decker the catcher hit a two run homer funday on april twentieth nineteen ninetyone end before we go for all the brandon belt army soldiers out there you already knew this but we'll go ahead and say it happy thirtieth birthday to brandon belt on april twentieth and this has been brian murphy with this date in giants history when you work in the bay area living along the san joaquin river delta sounds like the ultimate escape and that's why river islands outlay through just outside of tracy is so appealing to so many bay area nine to five hours i went out there.

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