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Gay s as funny as as you say that from my perch more standing i can actually see caribou a bio scientists Jennifer is crisper companies. Right down the street. Just sort of the weird wonderful part about being in bay area But you're a. Usda decided they really wanted wanted this this these products in Giordano all of all the new name for the audience here genetically engineered animals. I worked on these projects in these. These are these are regulated by the us food drug administration currently and usda wants to regulate them and the arguments are are interesting nonetheless. Fda regulates genetically junior animals. We'll see how this shakes if they get moved over. Usda so I wish jack was here. I think he stepped out. But you know one of the things. I heard him talk about us. How all these different constituencies within the traditional ag and say i need to work and oftentimes they're pitted against each other. Because you know you haven't comments People see their livelihoods as being threatened At the end of the day though everyone's producing protein producing food for the population on earth. And so i imagine you think a lot about this and and kind of how this industry needs evolve and how these these different kinds of forces are pitted against each other Whether it makes sense or not. But i'm curious about like you know if you look at traditional agriculture in like how you kind of position to them and how this could be win win. Have you given that much thought. Is that something that you think can be kind of structured in a in a way or you can maybe use the levers and government of lovers in private enterprise to kind of help that move more smoothly absolutely. I mean we actually have. It's one of the values of the company is big tent mentality that the in that derives from this and this has been based in the company architecture since basically day one this notion that that effectively it takes a village one to do anything like that. No one single entity has all of the solutions every viewpoint. There's no panopticon sort of viewpoint on solutions to this particular. These big global issues like feeding growing up population of people sustainably an completely greasy. Michael this notion And we have lived this value of proactively finding common ground with people that might on the surface you would think would be antagonistic to our particular industry are where we're going but in reality We share a lot of common ground and we got out of her way. That we currently work with the north american beat institute and we've publicly Signed works together multiple times and we consider them Good friends in terms of the partnership.

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