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Going through Meantime there are calls for Republican senators to address gun control speaking to reporters here's North Carolina Republican senator Tom tillis If all you do is focus on controlling weapons people like this will find other ways to harm people He says he's willing to address gun violence as long as gun rights aren't a part of it It's 8 18 Back over to Jack now in the WTO traffic center Blowing in the district on D.C. two 95 coming south had a Maryland if you leave the BW Parkway and 50 west headed on to D.C. two 95 toward east capital street watch for the long term work that is south of Pennsylvania avenue along the right side of the roadway usually causes a little bit of a northbound delay as well A little heavier across the freeway both directions between the 14th and the 11th getting much slower riding northeastern and northwest the fight of the lights going inbound on New York avenue Pennsylvania avenue westbound near Minnesota avenue southeast We'd had reports of a crash Also there had been some training going on at blue plains occasionally some smoke drifts across the roadway unclear if they're still doing the training exercise So there's that possibility of some smoke in the area All right we had a few things going on in Maryland on two 70 running south near father Hurley boulevard activity off the roadway to the left side then you'll find south after Watkins mill off road activity flashing lights can grab a little attention The wreckage is you just get onto the southbound two 70s per toward democracy boulevard the crash moved off into the gore area Two ten and fort Washington northbound near old fort south there was a crash Richie rode up near walker mill road and Richie Marlborough road there was erect under direction southbound travelers were making U turns north boundaries were having to make a right turn onto Richie Marlborough road around that wreck All right you'll find in Virginia We had some slow traffic on 66 off and on east manassas into centerville at 50 then again nutly to the beltway Inner loop slowing near the Robinson terminal headed up past Braddock road in two 36 I 95 okay getting a little bit better coming up out of falmouth We had a little delay in Stafford then briefly moving toward lord Three 95 had been slow leaving the beltway north to about duke and king street then again slowing to cross the 14th street bridge the wreck northbound after little river turnpike had been along the right side of the roadway On the rails metro's orange blue and silver line trains no longer single tracking there was an earlier medical emergency at federal center expect residual delays Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Storm team four's Mike stenner I saw the skies brighten a little bit briefly but mostly I've been looking at clouds this morning Yeah I saw a peak or two of sun for about two.

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