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Throwing punching now this doing acting like a jackass. That's what he's doing. Sam rosen joe micheletti on msg. Tom wilson was given a game misconduct and more penalty minutes. He obeys the game misconduct was yeah he goes. He's given a ten minute. Game conduct a game misconduct. The ten minute misconduct thought he was kicked out of the game now because he had the empty net goal. That's that's right. I forgot about that. That's right my bed so anyway. He punched pavel buchnevich on the side of the head. As down on the ice. He then pulled our tammy erin by the hair and he hit him too as well. Parental leave the game. I don't know if it was related but a lower body injury and so the whole thing was just a mess. Power morgan baron. What i would do in the off season would get into weight room. I'd go to a boxing gym and learn how to box. I lift weights. And i become tom wilson now not be like him but be the guy that the rangers don't have but not dirty now but he's big enough and strong enough and you know he's he's a good enough skater where i think that if he took it upon himself to say hey i'm gonna come back next year and not gonna crap out of people you'd find himself a job while here was david quinny says simply no no excuse for play like this. Yeah well we all saw it and there are lines. That can't be crossed in this game and it's just to me. It's just those as zero respect for the game in general and one of the players in this league now who could have got seriously seriously hurt. Madison and here was meek. Zibanejad again with the reacts. Him to i know i figured it should have somewhere expected the game instead of players and i don't even know i don't honestly know where to start really no place to start. You don't do it. Oh by the way. The rangers were eliminated from the postseason. David queens just another level of disappointment..

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