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With zero containment let's get the newest information from KTA ours Jim cross live in Phoenix yeah jamming officially this fire around thirty eight thousand acres but believed to be a much larger that we're still waiting for a morning update fire team zero percent containment and no idea when they will have containment of this hot dry windy for the next several days out there this fire was started Saturday afternoon by a vehicle fire along eighty seven near the bush I went no homes have been lost but a fifteen hundred people are evacuated so far and Punkin center in total basin Jake's corner and sunflower on stand by to evacuate be wanna be light highway remains closed off from pace in the bush highway and state route one eighty eight is still closed from highway eighty seven over eighty eight near Roosevelt lake so there's no way of the globe out of the Roosevelt lake area so the main route now between the valley and Payson AZ I. seventeen up to two sixty then you go east and then take a short stretch of eighty seven of south the end of pace and so travel very difficult right now and that part of the state live in Phoenix just cross KTAR news by the way it's gonna take about two and a half hours from the northern edges of Phoenix while I get to pay for yeah but you know it is an alternative that's true and some people have to get up to the I contribute god state all right here's a detour Dan of things not maybe so sticky here in the valley but we do have some problems in downtown man yeah I want to early morning crash right out of the gate to the in good morning by the way generated more Jamie good morning morning guys so far the freeways look good in the big picture but this crash downtown is causing a problem for the I. ten eastbound at about ten extra minutes deride from thirty Fifth Avenue to seventh street just outside the deck park tunnel to seventh street exit ramp on the court white we have a crash there that's been all moved off writes all lanes re open we got a chance to bounce back it's early enough but it is adding an extra ten minutes or twenty three minutes right now eastbound from the one O. one into the fifty one and I'm sorry to have to tell you that we've had a fatal crash as well that has got to be a road closed in both directions Joe Max dynamite so plan accordingly for this as well and there is another service street wreck out there but no freeway crashes but fortieth street Sweetwater look for collision there the traffic report brought to you by Allstate if you're driving less you could be saving more on car insurance save money with pay per mile insurance from Allstate call a local Allstate agent to get a quote the card and get your news our sunny hot and dry weather sticks around through the weekend Phoenix reaches one of six for a high today one of three on Wednesday and Thursday then back to one oh four on Friday with daily.

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