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You you basically become more radicalized you become more certain of your opinions because there's no one there. I mean, I was injury was I remember people saying checking on you because they disagreed with you saying that's not fair. What you said there, and you had to answer to them that is gone. Is this the journalism is so corrupt because is all one-sided. And if you wanna see proof is not about these mistakes, mistakes are embarrassing, and I love watching these guys embarrass themselves. But if you wanna see proof look at the way, they just covered real stories. Look at the March for life. Okay. Hundreds of thousands of people show up in Washington DC, hundreds of thousands of people marching for this that enormous journalism would be an occasion to discuss the ins and outs and rights and wrongs of abortion both sides coming on debating that issue. When you've got hundreds of thousands of people every year. That's that's a huge huge number of people to show up for an issue. That means it is a controversial issue that that you should say. Oh, well, here's let's talk about abortion when somebody gets shot. They talk about guns. Right. It's the gun issue. If if there's a women's March, oh, it's a women's issue. We have to talk about women. Instead, what are they talking about our friend? Ben Shapiro goes out. And he. Does his podcast from the before the March? And then I he made a speech at the March. Now, I just want to say one thing, but like Ben his friend, and I would I don't go on the show and attack friends. I just don't, you know, it's just seems disloyal, but I never hesitate to tell Ben when I think he's wrong. If I if I thought he was wrong in this case, I probably wouldn't mention it. I probably wouldn't have it on the show. But nothing nothing on earth. Would get me to say that Ben was right? When I thought he was wrong even to keep my job. No matter what this is what he said he was responding to a mailbag question about whether you would kill somebody board somebody if you knew he was going to be evil. And this was his response, the argument, I guess here is that would you kill baby. Hitler and the truth is that no prolife person on earth would kill baby Hitler, right because maybe Hitler wasn't Hitler. Hitler was Hitler, maybe Hitler's baby. What did you presumably want to do with baby? Hitler was take baby. Hitler out of baby Hitler's house and move AB. Hitler into a better house where he would not grow up to be Hitler. That's the idea that is. A witty humane and true statement that it a liberal would agree with this. You don't you don't kill somebody for a crime. You think they may commit? I mean, it's not we're not living in minority report. Right. If a baby is born the baby is innocent. And Ben said, well, you would try and change, you know, there's all this fiction about this. Remember, the boys for the ban in the band with a clone? Hitler. And they hunt down the go around trying to make sure his father dies at the right time and the famous Nazi hunter goes after these kids. But in the end, he burns the list of the kids because you don't go around killing children for things crimes. They haven't committed. There's not one thing. Controversial not even a little bit. Controversial about one said. So why are they talking about that they're talking about it? So they don't have to talk about whether killing babies in the womb is right or wrong. That is why. Because it's not an issue to them. It's no there is no controversy. They know the answer because they're all the same person. They all have the same opinions. And so they wear. The controversy. Where's the controversy? You know, it really is an amazing amazing thing that I do believe that there are some of them. Maybe Chuck Todd is one of them. Actually, don't think they're by actually think they play the new straight. And they don't understand. It's not it's not the arrows. It's the overall attitudes and assumptions why one hundred thousand people March on Washington every single year. Why don't you use that day to discuss abortion? Why? Because when you discuss abortion antiabortion, people tend to win the argument because they're right. You know, and that's why you don't do it..

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