Patten, Kbc Dea discussed on Operation Freedom


Told me he sat up the accident in did he also said he's the real lynchpin on this thing because this is i witnessed stuff he saying he did it and he not only set up the accident but isn't there did he did he also say to you that he actually shot patten in the neck yes uh now you're getting to the very very heart of the whole matter uh the the reason the truck that was waiting for a patent the reason it started up once and started coming down this uh this lowly world was too at a certain point pearn in front of the limousine without any uh signal or anything else this poor first the limousine into a certain uh uh structure that allowed but thought out who with the kbc dea agent which behind a bunch of broken war stop and he had a special wipo made which shot not a bullet but a robber art rubber uh thing that look like a a you know a a piece from a broken car which is why they do that kind of thing uh and he shot at through the window and an patten was looking outside of the window on the last thing patten says this look at that and suddenly and you know this is all of your because those historians who right about this and say it was an accident say the patent catapulted since in this large uh room that he's in in the back of a limousine.

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